Missosology’s Miss USA 2014 FINAL Hot Picks


This year, it is quite disappointing that Miss USA preliminary competition was not aired via live stream.  Add to that the very poor coverage and updates of what the girls are doing while they are in beautiful Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then we are up for a less exciting conclusion.  But, what really makes our blood thirst for news and information is due to this – our final hot pick -which is one of the most anticipated final prediction of pageant fans from all over the world.

So, who made it in our final prediction list?


Miss USA 2014 ::  Oklahoma (Brooklynne Young)  –  A lot may find it a total surprise to see 19-year-old Brooklynne as our top pick for Miss USA 2014, but this young woman was a sight to behold during the preliminary competition!  She is young, fresh and bubbly.  We firmly believe that Oklahoma should win this time, and we are positive that such victory will be well-received by many.


1st Runner-up ::  Florida (Brittany Oldehoff) – Undoubtedly, she is one of the most talked about delegates this year!  The Sunshine State is dying to win their first ever Miss USA crown and we are positive that Brittany will not disappoint us on Sunday night. She is very confident, tall and undeniably sexy!


2nd Runner-up ::  Louisiana (Brittany Guidry) – The last time that a host state had won the Miss USA crown was in 1995, which was almost two decades ago.  Beautiful and charismatic, Brittany is also a very intelligent young women and has been a gracious host for the 50 other delegates!  But the home state “curse” since Donald Trump took over the Miss USA franchise is the one preventing us from putting her on top despite believing that she has all it takes to become a great Miss USA.


3rd Runner-up ::  Georgia (Tiana Griggs) .  Georgia has never won the Miss USA title.  It will be a great gift for Georgia if Tiana wins!  Although pegged in 4th place in our final prediction, Missosology believes that Tiana can be a great winner as we had placed her in 1st place in the previous hot pick!


4th Runner-up ::  South Carolina (Christina Zapolski).  Christina is the strongest blonde girl this year, and she is also the tallest delegate.  There is normally a spot for the Carolinas in the top spot, and we thought that Christina’s preliminary competition performance was oozing with energy and charm that deserves a high placement.


5th Runner-up :: Nevada (Nia Sanchez) – Since 2008, we’ve seen Nia’s home state of Nevada playing host to Miss USA, and this year could have been a perfect chance for them to win the title without the bias of the home crowd.  Nia has the Latina charm that is well-appreciated by the MUO.   Some fear a disaster in the Final Q&A with Nia, but that’s not what we hope for.  She is so sweet and we certainly do not pray for another “Marissa Powell” incident to happen.


7. North Dakota (Audra Mari) –  Audra was a former Miss Teen USA 1st Runner-up and we expected her to do really well in the competition, but her gown choice was definitely not our cup of tea.  Hope she changes into a better gown during the finals, and we can see a crown on her head!


8. Minnesota (Haley O’Brien) – Haley has the look fo a VS model, and if the judges will like her average-looking gown, she might as well enter the Top 6.  She really needs to work out that blue gown!


9. Alabama (Jesica Warren Alhberg) – In recent years, Alabama seems to be doing really well in the Miss USA system but Jesica did not live up to our expectation.  She is still one to watch out for during the final telecast, so we cannot totally cast her out.  We hope to see her doing a little bit of originality, like sporting a straight hair or tying it down.  She needs to have the strategy to stand out because she is carrying her predecessor’s sash who had made a name for themselves before and after the competition.


10. Texas (Lauren Guzman) – Coming from the powerhouse state means that she was manufactured to win this!  Without the Texas sash, though, we doubt if she could place.



11. Utah (Angelia Layton) –  We love her evening gown presentation, but we thought that she would not go beyond the swimsuit round.
12. California (Cassandra Kunze) – She has one of the most beautiful faces in the competition, with such mesmerizing eyes, but we are quite concerned of her physique.
13. Maryland (Taylor Burton) – Maryland is enjoying  a three-year streak, including a crown inheritance after Miss USA 2012 eventually became Miss Universe 2012.  Will Taylor continue this streak?
14. Colorado (Eleanna Livaditis) – Here is another case of a delegate with an outstanding gown, but we felt that she would not go further after the swimsuit round.  But, we certainly don’t know how the judges will rate her.  Hope she does some trick to make her long torso look proportional to her overall frame.
15. Tennessee (Kristy Landers Niedenfuer) – The poor 1980s styling during the prelims was not impressive at all.  Kristy is very beautiful but she shold style herself well in order to place high.

16. Arizona (Jordan Wessel) – Arizona last placed in 2011.  Jordan is you next-door-cheerleader type of blonde beauty that is sometimes a hit in Miss USA, but is usually a miss.
17. Iowa (Carlyn Bradarich) – She has this infectious smile that can light the world!
18. New York (Candace Kendall) – This former Miss Teen New York is a born fighter.  She needs to loosen up a bit in order to look more relaxed and fresh.
19. Illinois (Lexi Atkins) – Although Lexi was 1st Runner-up in Miss Teen USA 2010, it seems that she has lost that spark at the Miss USA level.   If Lexi will show the same youthful energy that she had during Miss Teen USA, she will be a force to reckon with!
20. Hawaii (Moani Hara) –  This exotic Hawaiian delight was  pleasant surprise during the preliminary competition.  Her evening gown presentation was memorable!