Text by R. Galvez [@the4ofustraveling] / Graphics by Kenneth Von Villa [@kennethvonvilla]

Gut feeling is more powerful than logic and reason. Our beauty experts have decades of experience in predicting the unpredictable and they normally rely on logic. Sometimes they got it right but there were numerous instances when they got it wrong. For the Final Hot Picks of Miss Universe Philippines 2024 however, the urge to follow that inner feeling without the need of any commonsense consideration reigns supreme. 

Miss Quezon Ma. Ahtisa Manalo is not really the rational choice for the crown. She didn’t even make it to the top in any of the previous Hot Picks. Her interview proficiency needs polishing and so is her catwalk skills. Her beauty is for Miss International not Miss Universe. However, that overwhelming feeling that she’s “the one” can’t be denied. 

One beauty expert who saw the prelims first-hand confessed that Ma. Ahtisa is one of those contestants who aced the competition. The rest of the panel who saw the competition online also agreed. It is not so much on technical grounds, but rather it is more about her overall aura and vibe on why she is the predicted winner of Miss Universe Philippines 2024. 

Another candidate that aced the prelims is Miss Taguig Christi Lynn McGarry. She is in fact the logical choice considering her elegance onstage thanks to her mile-long legs. While her experience is brimming, the panel of beauty experts had decided that she is good enough for the second place. Can she handle the Miss Supranational competition? Absolutely, but her age makes her ineligible to join. As to which pageant she will compete is at the discretion of the organization. This Hot Picks, after all, is about who will be the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 and nothing else. 

Miss Bacoor Kim-Victoria Vincent shone when it matters. She’s a delight onstage but we were warned that she lacks experience. For sure she can handle minor international pageants and there’s more opportunities waiting for her in case she fell short.

Miss Iloilo City Alexie Mae Brooks came out confident. She is the sentimental favorite but some claimed that her prelim performance was overdone. Her interview though showed that she is a world-class candidate. She is already packaged as Miss Universe-ready but the truth is, she can shine in any international competition.

Do our beauty experts expect a dark horse to emerge at the last minute? So far, nothing on the horizon but we will never know. Miss Universe Philippines as a competition is geared towards selecting the candidate that can bear the heat at the Miss Universe competition. As far as the prelims competition is concerned, any of the Top 5 in the final Hot Picks fits the bill. 

Here’s the complete list of Missosology’s Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Final Hot Picks:

1               Quezon Province – Ma. Ahtisa Manalo

2               Taguig – Christi Lynn McGarry

3               Bacoor – Kim-Victoria Vincent

4               Iloilo City – Alexie Mae Brooks

5               Baguio – Justine Tarah Marie Valencia

6               Cebu – Kris Tiffany Janson

7               Cainta – Stacey Daniella Gabriel

8               Laguna – Alexandra Mae Rosales

9               Palawan – Raven Hate Doctor

10            Bulacan – Chelsea Anne Manalo

11            Pampanga – Cyrille Payumo

12            Zambales – Anita Rose Gomez

13            Hawaii – Patricia Bianca Tapia

14            United Kingdom – Christina Chalk

15            Southern California – Janet Hammond

16            Leyte – Angel Rose Tambal

17            Mandaue – Victoria Leslie Ingram

18            Northern California – Kayla Jean Carter

19            Bohol – Bianca Gaviola

20            Cavite – Deanne Marie Maté