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To understand how difficult it was to come up with this Final Hot Picks one must appreciate the fact that there are at least four to five girls that are truly deserving of the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 title. In fact, after tallying the scores of Missosology’s panel of experts and beauty connoisseurs, it came as a bit of shock that there was a three-way tie.

Miss Pasay Celeste Cortesi, Miss Makati Michelle Dee and Miss Bohol Pauline Amelinckx ended up with the same scores. As heartbreaking as it may be, we need to break the tie and there’s a lot of back-and-forth discussions before the final decision was made.

It is true that Michelle Dee raked most of the special awards during the preliminaries and it is a strong indication that she will eventually win the title. Critics however argued that her closed-door interview performance lacks energy. Indeed, she could use a bit of oomph in her performance.

Pauline Amelinckx meanwhile had been surging ever since the formal press presentation and that momentum carried her all the way to the final stretch. She aced her interviews and her stage presence is undeniable.

However, when it comes to overall package, Celeste Cortesi seems to have checked all the boxes. She’s elegant, statuesque, smart and confident. She’s – without a doubt – a Miss Universe material. Her beauty is ethereal and she will become a head-turner in the international competition.

What is it exactly that the Miss Universe Philippines is looking for this year can only be known once the crown is bestowed to the winner on April 30th. As of now, it is still a guessing game whether they would like a candidate that they can still mold and polish or do they want a complete package now that requires only a bit of a tweak. If the former is true, then it would mess up this list.

It would also mean a good opening for Miss Misamis Oriental Annabelle Mae McDonnell and Miss Taguig Maria Katrina Llegado. Both are making waves in the pageant and has earned the respect and admiration of beauty pageant analysts.

Still, it looks like this will be a three-way race down to the finish line. Pageant experts and analysts are all putting their bets on the Cortesi-Dee-Amelinckx triumvirate.

How about you? Who do you think will win? Leave your comments in the box below!

Complete list of Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Final Hot Picks

  1. PASAY – Silvia Celeste Cortesi
  2. MAKATI – Michelle Daniela Dee
  3. BOHOL –          Pauline Amelinckx
  4. MISAMIS ORIENTAL – Annabelle Mae McDonnell
  5. TAGUIG – Maria Katrina Llegado
  6. CEBU CITY – Chantal Elise Schmidt
  7. PANGASINAN – Ivylou Borbon
  8. CEBU PROVINCE – Lou Dominique Piczon
  9. PALAWAN – Angelica Lopez
  10. BAGUIO – Ghenesis Latugat
  11. ILOCOS SUR – Jewel Alexandria Palacat
  12. DAVAO DEL SUR – Jedidah Korinihona