This is the annual tradition tradition of Denmark. One will never knew who won the national contest but at some point, their contestant for the Miss Universe will suddenly pop-up at the official website. Last year, Josefine Hewitt came from nowhere. But her sudden appearance did take its toll on its performance. She was rated as the worst in many categories.


This year, the Miss Universe website also suddenly posted the photo of Cecilia Iftikhar – a name not quite Danish. But she is no stranger. Cecilia already participated at Miss Earth 2011 as Miss Earth Denmark. If her race makes you curious well then, we can reveal that she is half Pakistani.


Denmark, unlike its Scandinavian brothers of Norway and Sweden, has never won the Miss Universe crown. It has 7 semifinalists and a first runner-up. The country was basically a pageantry backwater but hopes were up when  Betina Faurbye and Zaklina Sojic placed as semifinalists in 2006 and 2007. But after Zaklina, the drought is back and Denmark was even absent in 2009.mu13dk