Graphics by Krizza Enriquez [@kxxenriquez]

Written by R. Galvez [@the4ofustraveling]

One of the biggest misconception about Miss Universe is that only the prelims and the finals matter. Miss Universe is a marathon not a sprint. It is not just the battle of intellect and beauty but also of stamina and authenticity. In the past few days we’ve seen how the candidates fared as the activities continued to pile on. It is easy to spot who’s faking it till she makes it. We’ve also seen who’s running out of patience and gets irritated easily.

The Miss Universe Organization has a clandestine of people monitoring the candidates and they too can see almost everything. This week’s list reflects the events since the contestants completed their registration. Without any doubt, most of the fans will agree that Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios is currently the leading candidate. She’s consistent with her elegance and charm and she is indeed crown worthy. On the second place is the ever-refulgent Miss Dominican Republic Mariana Downing. She’s a crowd favorite from the beginning and she has successfully demonstrated that she can sustain her momentum.

Miss France Diane Leyre meanwhile refuses to give up her frontrunner seat. She remains a formidable candidate and she easily attracts attention wherever she goes. She’s got that queenly aura — just pure sophistication and finesse! Last week’s leader Miss Mexico Melissa Flores slipped to the 4th place but we should continue to watch out for her because she’s still strong and very focused to take that 4th crown for her beloved country.

Miss South Africa Bryoni Govender is gaining momentum as the pageant nears its conclusion. Not gonna lie, her intellect and confidence are her attractive qualities and she’s definitely going to slay everyone during the interviews!

Here’s the complete list of Miss Universe 4th Hot Picks:

  1. Nicaragua – Sheynnis Palacios
  2. Dominican Republic – Mariana Downing
  3. France – Diane Leyre
  4. Mexico – Melissa Flores
  5. South Africa – Bryoni Govender
  6. Philippines – Michelle Dee
  7. Peru – Camila Escribens
  8. Poland – Angelika Jurkowianiec
  9. Venezuela – Diana Silva
  10. Guatemala – Michelle Cohn
  11. India – Shweta Sharda
  12. El Salvador – Isabella Garcia-Manzo
  13. USA – Noelia Voigt
  14. Puerto Rico – Karla Guilfu
  15. Russia – Margarita Golubeva
  16. Colombia – Camila Avella
  17. Brazil – Maria Brechane
  18. Vietnam – Quynh Hoa Bui
  19. Ukraine – Angelina Usanova
  20. Thailand – Anntonia Porsild

Bubbling up

  1. Portugal – Marina Machete
  2. Spain – Athenea Perez
  3. Denmark – Nikoline Hansen
  4. Cambodia – Sotima John
  5. Myanmar – Amara Bo