1.) Having Miss Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina as the top-notcher on this list should not come as a surprise for avid Miss Universe fans. Afterall, Clarissa can be best described as a classy and at the same time a spunky beauty. This is the fact that never escaped the beauty pageant watchers who saw how Clarissa rose the occasion when it is critically needed. A second Miss Universe from the Dominican Republic? More likely yes!


2.) When it comes to whose star is shining brightly at Las Vegas, the immediate answer would be Miss India Urvashi Rautela. This Bollywood star commands the admiration of millions not only in her native India but also from around the world. She is very polished, well-trained and as the competition progresses at Miss Universe, one of the stand-outs in the crowd.


3.) Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez has been labeled by some pageant observers as stunning and could even surpass the qualities of the reigning Miss Universe. That was the initial assessment when she was crowned earlier this year at the Colombian nationals. Now, the love affair of pageant observers with this classy Colombian beauty is getting cozier and cozier by the day. Ariadna showed how she is not pressured by the fact that the current Miss Universe is from her country by exuding consistent confidence and an aura of a winner.

Miss Universe 2015 Hot Picks No. 5
Miss Universe 2015 Hot Picks No. 5

4.) Another Latina who exudes confidence and is very much comfortable with her own skin is Miss Venezuela Mariana Jimenez. It is remarkable that this statuesque beauty is on her best fighting form considering how her predecessor almost blew her chances for gaining some weight. The Venezuela sash still carries a huge weight and Mariana will rely on that and on her own qualities as well.


5.) The simplicity of the beauty of Miss Great Britain Narissara France can give that sense of serenity. There is something natural about her and she is at her best with light make-up with no fake eyelashes or hair extensions. She may not be the usual favorite of the fans but she will surprise everyone on December 20. Keep an eye on this young lady. There is something in her that says she will be in the Top 5.


6.) Miss Brazil Marthina Brandt rocked Las Vegas with her gorgeous beauty. She left so many jaws dropped as she posed in her bikinis during the fittings and registrations, exposing her perfect curves complemented by her angelic face and golden blonde hair that softly falls upon her shoulders. She is simply divine!


7.) Miss Indonesia Anindya Putri is clearly undisturbed by the daunting task ahead of her. There is that air of sophistication whenever she makes an entrance and this is worth repeating again and again – the favorable winds of Indonesian momentum will help Anindya big time!


8.) Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach is earning praises everywhere. It is not just the die-hard Filipinos who love her. Pageant experts from across the globe agree that she is a beauty to contend with. She has been very consistent since she arrived in Las Vegas.


9.) Miss Peru Laura Spoya is a one heck of an elegant beauty. She is just perfect for photo-shoots with her lovely face and a curvaceous body. She has fans from all over the world and she is the best Peruvian candidate we’ve seen since 2012!


10.) Backed by her experience, Miss USA Olivia Jordan came into the competition to win. She is a perfect beauty queen – a trifecta if you will – for having a body with the right curves, a sharp brain and a face that could launch a thousand rockets!

Miss Universe 2015 Hot Picks No. 5
Miss Universe 2015 Hot Picks No. 5

11.) Miss Vietnam Huong Pham

12.) Miss Russia Vladislava Evtushenko

13.) Miss France Flora Coquerel

14.) Miss Mexico Wendy Esparza

15.) Miss Denmark Cecilie Wellemberg

Bubbling up: Sweden, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Lebanon, Israel




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