Today, the contestants will be in a”competition” mode as they had just faced the prelims judges face to face. Each contestant is to wear a casual dress for the interviews and then, they are to be judged while wearing a bikini. Here are some of the very reliable tidbits from the event.


1. The following early favorites wore one-piece swimsuit during the bikini round (closed door): POLAND, ISRAEL and SWITZERLAND.

2. Girls were busy throwing their hair left and right while being interviewed.

3. Many girls say that using a one-piece swimsuit was a smart move but it looks like they are hiding something. It was said that those who chose a one-piece had bad body shapes.

4. The dress code was so diverse. Some wore cocktail dress, formal wears and business attires.

5. The girls were asked about the reason why they should be Miss Universe, and the things written in the website about themselves.



Miss India and Miss Indonesia after the interview


Post-interview pose of Miss Malaysia. It’s her birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Miss Paraguay and Miss Philippines