Graphics by Kenneth Von Villa [@kennethvonvilla]

Will Myanmar indeed win its first ever Big5 crown tonight? Our beauty experts think that this troubled nation might just to that today as Miss Supranational 2024 comes into conclusion. However, it has been a big headache/heartache in narrowing the field of incredible women. This is year is super tough! There are at least 20 potential winners all worthy to become Miss Supranational’s Brand Ambassadress.

The girls this year have special qualities and this batch are not just beautiful on the outside but they are also very smart, well educated and above all, they are genuinely well mannered that make them real queens.

What makes Miss Myanmar Myo Sandar win standout? She has a very queenly vive and fantastic PR skills. Her exotic beauty is a big hit in Poland and she has gazillions of Burmese fans rallying behind her. On and off stage, her presence is undeniable!

Here’s the complete list of our final Miss Supranational 2024 Hot Picks!

1. Myanmar – Myo Sandar Win

2. Curacao – Chanelle de Lau

3. Puerto Rico – Fiorella Medina

4. Indonesia – Harashta Haifa Zahra

5. Finland – Aleksandra Hannusaari

6. South Africa – Bryoni Govender

7. India – Sonal Kukreja

8. Czech Republic – Justýna Zedníková

9. Thailand – Kasama Suetrong

10. Peru – Nathaly Terrones

11. Denmark – Victoria Larsen

12. Brazil – Isadora Murta

13.  Poland – Angelika Jurkowianiec

14. Philippines – Alethea Ambrosio

15. USA – Jenna Dykstra

16. El Salvador – Naomy Montiel

17. Laos – Christina Lasasimma

18. Nigeria – Sectra Okundaye

19. Vietnam – Lydie Marie Wache Vũ

20. Canada – Rachel Murgel

21. Japan – Yuki Sonoda

22. Mexico – Andrea Sáenz

23. Germany – Luisa Victoria Malz

24. United Kingdom – Joanna Johnson

25. Venezuela – Rossana Fiorini

26. Iceland – Helena O’Connor

27. Cote d’Ivore – Marie-Louise Maitre

28. Slovakia – Petra Sivakova

29. Spain – Elizabeth Laker

30. Botswana – Leah Barobetse

Bubbling Up: Australia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Albania, Cuba, Haiti, Netherlands, Bolivia