Written by Ric G. Galvez [@the4ofustraveling] / Graphics by Michael Ralph Montejo [@michaelralphmontejo] Follow Missosology on Instragram [@missosology_org]

The Miss Supranational 2022 pageant kicked off with so many frontrunners. The dizzying array of top-notch candidates has been a boon to the pageant fans. With so many formidable beauties to choose from, the Miss Supranational 2022 became an exciting competition. It is however a bane for pageant analysts because the task of predicting the pageant’s outcome has now become a gargantuan task. Yet, time has finally come to analyze all the data that we have gathered in the past weeks. The preliminaries somehow provided a bit of relief because the true front-runners began to emerge.

Topping the Final Hot Picks for Miss Supranational 2022 is Miss Colombia Valentina Espinosa. She was largely sidelined at the early stage of the competition, but her heavenly beauty was totally undeniable during the preliminaries. She is a true goddess worthy of the Miss Supranational crown. She embodied the class and sophistication that we expect from a Big5 titleholder. Her strong performance will indeed put Colombia on the cusp of winning its first ever Miss Supranational crown.

Not to be outdone is Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane. She’s queenly, well-polished and very elegant. Her unexpected 2nd runner-up finish at Miss Universe 2021 was the perfect stepping stone for her. She has now peaked, and her glow up is truly spellbinding. Although she is ranked second in this list, be prepared to welcome our first ever black Miss Supranational!

Leading the European pack is the statuesque Miss Czech Republic Kristýna Malířová. An early favorite, she cemented her front-runner status by her near perfect prelims performance.  The drop-dead gorgeous blonde is a head-turner and her enthralling aura has won a lot of hearts in Poland.

Miss Indonesia Adinda Cresheilla meanwhile is the flag bearer of Asia. Her sultry spark – but with restrained vigor – comes across as both stately and foxy. She glides on the catwalk and she’s just oozing with confidence. Truly an exceptional beauty queen.

Completing the Top 5 of this list is Miss India Ritika Khatnani. The idea that India will win its third Miss Supranational crown in such a small span of time seems farfetched, but we are talking about a country which has demonstrated that impossible is nothing. Ritika is effervescent, poised, and has the capacity to outwit everybody else at closed-door interviews.

Miss Venezuela Ismelys Velásquez is one heck of a fighter. She exceeded expectations even though expectations are always higher for Venezuelans. Her prelims performance, especially in the gown competition, gave her chances for the crown a boost.

However, let’s not take our attention away from another delegate that could break the hearts of other frontrunners. Miss Thailand Praewwanich Ruangthong gave a solid performance which could easily upend the predictions of beauty analysts. Her confidence and the finesse of her personality has buoyed her quest for Thailand’s second Miss Supranational title.

Miss Mauritius Alexandrine Belle-Étoile occupies the eighth spot of the list. It is worth to note that ever since the Miss Maurice organization announced that she will compete at both the Miss Supranational and Miss Universe pageants, a lot of pageant fans already tagged her as a frontrunner. She’s a divisive candidate though. The time is not yet ripe for her, but it is refreshing to see her praiseworthy performance especially that she is from a country with a rather weak sash weight.

Miss Peru Almendra Castillo is an effortless classic Latina beauty. She’s shrouded with both vibrancy and modishness. Peruvians should be proud to have a contestant like her.

Rounding up the Top 10 is Miss Vietnam Nguyễn Huỳnh Kim Duyên. She’s an exceptional candidate capable of wowing even her most ardent critics. Her spunkiness shines bright, and she delivered where it matters the most.

Meanwhile, here are the rest of the candidates who made it to this Hot Picks:

11. Spain – Ana Karla Ramirez

12. Argentina – Maira Acst

13. Poland – Agata Wdowiak

14. Jamaica – Carisa Peart

15.  Romania – Andra Tache

16. Germany – Jasmin Selberg

17. Namibia – Julita Kitwe

18.  Malaysia – Melisha Lin

19. Ecuador – Valery Carabali

20. Turkey – Şira Sahilli

21. Puerto Rico – Ariette Banchs

22. Mexico – Regina González

23. Philippines – Alison Black

24. Ghana – Gifty Boakye

25. Brazil – Giovanna Reis

26. Slovakia – Jana Vozarová

27. Canada – Jessica Bailey

28. Netherlands – Serena Darder

29. Curacao – Risandra Simon

30. Cuba – Liz Rodriguez