Text by: R. Gálvez [@the4ofustraveling] / Graphics by Michael Ralph Montejo [@michaelralphmontejo]

The Miss International contestants are already enjoying several activities in Japan which includes visiting historical districts, learning ikebana and tasting the best sushi in town. As the activities heat up, it is increasing clear that Miss Peru Tatiana Calmell is the real frontrunner. She’s winning a lot of hearts in Japan thanks to her lithe physique and elegant aura. Indeed, her beauty is undeniable. She simply stands out wherever she goes.

Miss Cabo Verde Stephany Amado meanwhile is also a force to reckon with. She’s poised, chic and confident. She could easily make history as the first African to win the Miss International crown.

Well trained and has a strong sash weight, Miss Philippines Hannah Arnold slid to third place after topping the Missosology’s pre-arrival Hot Picks. She has a legion of local fans and still exudes that the-one-to-beat vibe.

Another standout is Miss Colombia Natalia López Cardona. She has a magnetic beauty that can be best described as mainly Latina flair tempered with some hints of European élan. Her sash weight is an advantage. After all, there are already three Miss International winners from Colombia.

Miss Spain Julianna Ro is leading the European continent with her mesmerizing eyes, elegant neck and an overall beauty that screams Miss International. Like Colombia, Spain has also three Miss International titleholders.

While the frontrunners are slowly emerging, it is worth to note that the preliminaries are yet to be held. It would be interesting to see if the leading candidates can indeed deliver when it matters the most or they will simply fizzle and be overpowered by dark horses.

Here’s the complete list of Missosology’s Miss International 2022 3rd Hot Picks:

1. Peru – Tatiana Calmell

2. Cabo Verde – Stephany Amado

3. Philippines – Hannah Arnold

4. Colombia – Natalia López Cardona

5. Spain – Julianna Ro

6. Mexico – Yuridia Durán

7. Vietnam – Phạm Ngọc Phương Anh

8. Panama – Ivis Nicole Snyder

9. Togo – Océane Bellow

10. Greece – Anna Pavlidou

11. Germany – Jasmin Selberg

12. Hong Kong – Rosemary Ling

13. Canada – Madison Kvatlin

14. El Salvador – Genesis Fuentes

15. Puerto Rico – Paola González Torres

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