Miss International 2017 4th Official Hot Picks

Tensions are getting higher than ever!  We have seen a lot of deleagtes who are already showing their competitive form early in the game.  But the question is, will they be able to sustain the momentum?  So, let’s get to know the latest “talk of the town” as we wrap up week one of the 57th Miss International Beauty Pageant.
Leading the pack is the unstoppable Chanelle De Lau of Curacao!  No one could ignore the presence of this tall and eye catching stunner from the Caribbean.  Historically speaking, Chanelle is only the ninth delegate from Curacao to compete at Miss International.  They last competed in 2014, while their best placement was a semifinal feat in 1999.  Now tipped to give Curacao their first ever Big 5 win, Chanelle’s major advantage is her recent experience at Miss Universe.  Her competitive form is still visible, which makes the Miss International activities seem to be a walk in a park for her.  It is no wonder that our correspondent in Japan took notice of her during the welcome party at the home of the Miss International Organization, the Miss Paris Ginza in Tokyo, held last Friday.
At close second is Vanessa Pulgarin of Colombia.  She is definitely a league of her own, and is considered a major upgrade from her last two predecessors.  Colombia has failed to place in Miss International for two straight years but the English-speaking Vanessa has all the goods to place high this year.  She is actually well-liked by most of the contestants because of her bubbly personality.
Coming back in our ranking, is Diana Croce of Venezuela, who zoomed up to third place.  Diana is definitely THE FACE of the pageant.  She has the perfect look or the so-called Miss International template that normally gets crowned back in the 1990s up to the early 21st century.  In order to win the crown, though, she needs to be more assertive as she is seen to be too reserved.
Climbing up to the fourth spot is Lithuania‘s Patricija Belousova.  Officially, she is now Europe’s front runner to bring back the Miss International crown to the old continent.  Patricija is a ballroom dancer (see video below), the type of talent that is well-appreciated by the owner of Miss International.  Aside from that, she has one of the most symmetrical faces in the competition.  Her beauty, alone, can compensate to what she lacks in height. But, does height really matter at Miss International?  We had seen four contestants last year who were just around 165 cm tall, but still managed to enter the Top 15.  One of them even ended up in the Top 5!  Height should not be an issue because Patricija has a well-proportioned body and great stage presence.
Completing the Top 5 this time is Mexico‘s Citlaly Higuera.   This woman is very photogenic and has the classic look that Japanese people really love!  It is quite intriguing how Mexico has failed to enter the Top 5 since 2014 despite sending some of the most memorable faces in pageant history!  Citlaly, hopefully, won’t be wasted this time. She may not be fluent in English but we have seen her trying her best to communicate and get along with non-Spanish speakers.  We sincerely appreciate her for taking the initiative.


Moving on to sixth place is South Africa‘s Tayla Skye Robinson, Africa’s best hope to win the continent’s first ever Miss International crown.  This ballerina is also an entrepreneur.  Does Miss International know about the fact that Tayla is running her own business just like Akemi Shimomura?  Well, they better be because there will be no interview competition at Miss International. For many years, we have met a lot of intelligent and well-accomplished women who missed the cut because of the absence of personality interview.
At seventh place is still the most popular girl in Instagram, the pretty model from the Himalayan nation of Nepal, Niti Shah.  Just like Miss Lithuania, the issue about Niti is her lack of height.  But she is not that short, either.  She may not be one of the msot towering delegates, but this year, the average height is much lower than in the previous years.  Niti is an adorable young woman, and is a rare find!  Miss International has never produced a superstar in its entire history.  Niti might just be the one that Miss International has been waiting for because she has the look and personality that will make it big in Bollywood.
Indonesia‘s Kevin Lilliana is no doubt a major favorite in Japan.  Panasonic Beauty wants her, and her Asian look will make a great billboard for Miss Paris, which is the business owned by Akemi Shimomura.  In order to live up to the hype, Kevin needs to show a bit of leadership and a commanding presence.  With that being said, we are quite confident that Kevin may just be the first winner of Indonesia in any major international pageant.
Ukraine‘s Kseniia Chyfa is now in our Top 10, and is pegged at ninth place.  What we love about Kseniia is her sense of style and also her quick thinking.  Our correspondent in Tokyo has met Kseniia, whom he considered as a person with an initiative to do the right things at any given circumstance.  If Miss International is looking for a future leader, they better set their eyes on Kseniia!
Completing our Top 10 is Pihla Koivuniemi of Finland.  Trust the Finns to be in their best form during the second half of the competition, because just like the Japanese, they are very patient and smart people.  While along the way, many contestants may lose their drive to win, and are getting mentally and emotionally drained, Miss Finland can show them what stamina and resilience are all about.
Poland is now back in our ranking, and is someone to check out because she is quite fashionable, well-dressed, and has an enigmatic smile.  Panama is one towering young lady whom we can’t miss! We initially thought that she was the tallest delegate this year, but apparently, it’s Miss Ghana (more about her alter).  Japan is also stepping up her game, although we feel that she needs not to overdo things because she is, after all, the home girl.  Ghana is someone who considers 2015 Miss International Africa, Eunice Onyango, as her role model, and we can see how this exotic beauty has been winning fans among the locals.  The delegate from the Netherlands is added for the sole reason that our Japan-based correspondents really find her adorable and charismatic.



1. CURACAO (Channele De Lau)
2. COLOMBIA (Vanessa Pulgarin)
3. VENEZUELA (Diana Croce)
4. LITHUANIA (Patrcija Belousova)
5. MEXICO (Citlaly Higuera)
6. SOUTH AFRICA (Tayla Skye Robinson)
7. NEPAL (Niti Shah)
8. INDONESIA (Kevin Lilliana)
9. UKRAINE (Kseniia Chyfa)
10. FINLAND (Pihla Koivuniemi)
11. POLAND (Paulina Maziarz)
12. PANAMA (Darelys Santos)
13. JAPAN (Natsuki Tsutsui)
14. GHANA (Daniella Akorfa Awuma)
15. NETHERLANDS (Nathalie Mogbelzada)



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