Graphics by Kenneth Von B. Villa [@kennethvonvilla]

When it comes to Hot Picks, there are two things that should be highlighted in this year’s Miss Earth. First, the calibre of the candidates is astounding and this is not just on the basis of their physical beauties but also based on their intellect and speaking prowess. Second, there are no medal tallies to take into account this year. The group competitions that were conducted in the previous editions and with all the medals that were dispensed can be an unnecessary distraction for those who attempt to predict the outcome of the pageant.

In the past few weeks, it appeared that Miss Netherlands Noa Claus will lead the pack all the way to the finish line. However, the dynamics has changed. Miss Philippines Yllana Aduana gave a solid prelim performance and won the Best Bikini award. Meanwhile, Miss Albania Driti Ziri displayed her mastery in interviews and now she is the predicted winner.

Not to be outdone, Miss Puerto Rico Victoria Arocho refuses to yield her place at the Top 5 and Miss Brazil Morgana Carlos also gave a very solid prelim performance. Miss Thailand Cora Bliaut and Miss Venezuela Jhosskaren Carrizo are also the candidates to watch out for. They can easily pull a surprise and could snatch the crown from the frontrunners!

In overall, producing the final Hot Picks for Miss Earth 2023 is just like wading into a maelstrom. There are so many uncertainties. There are so many disagreements. In the end though, a final list must be produced:

1. Albania – Drita Ziri

2. Philippines – Yllana Aduana

3. Puerto Rico – Victoria Arocho

4. Netherlands – Noa Claus

5. Brazil – Morgana Carlos

6. Thailand – Cora Bliaut

7. Venezuela – Jhosskaren Carrizo

8. Zimbabwe – Courtney Jongwe

9. Poland – Ewa Jakubiec

10. Colombia – Luz Adriana Lopez

11. Paraguay – Gretha Matiauda

12. Indonesia – Cindy Inanto

13. Russia – Daria Lukonkina

14. Greece – Christianna Katsieri

15. Vietnam – Đỗ Thị Lan Anh

16. Ukraine – Anastasia Feier

17. Mauritius – Hateefa Low Kom

18. Belarus – Karyna Kisialiova

19. South Africa – Belindé Schreuder

20. Serbia – Andjela Vanevski