Graphics by Krizza Enriquez [@kxxenriquez] / Text by R. Galvez [@the4ofustraveling]

The finale of Miss Earth 2022 is just a few days away and we’ve already seen the dizzying array of pre-pageant contests. As always, the pageant opted to divide the contestants into different groups and utilized multiple locations for its activities. Covering the pageant therefore is quite difficult and there’s no guarantee that the contestants will experience the same level of accommodation as some of these activities were held in remote locations.

These pre-pageant contests can give beauty analysts a clearer view on who are the front-runners. However, don’t be misled by the medal tally. In most cases, these medals don’t matter as much as we like. For example, during the 2018 and 2019 pageants, the medal front-runners didn’t end up winning the crown.

For the second Hot Picks Miss Netherlands Merel Hendriksen tops the list. Although she is yet to win a medal, the 24-year-old beauty is a head turner. She was named as Darling of the Press for the European Continental Group which says a lot about her allure. Miss Australia Sheridan Mortlock meanwhile slid to the second position but she has the momentum. She was also named Darling of the Press (Asia and Oceania) and she a silver and a bronze medal in her kitty. She has indeed proven her worth as an early frontrunner!

On third place is Miss Colombia Andrea Aguilera. If the pre-pageant contest medals are really worth anything, then Andrea should be our next Miss Earth. She already won two gold medals and she is enjoying a lot of support from fans both from and outside of Colombia.

Miss Palestine Nadeen Ayoub meanwhile is a delegate to watch. Not only she is strikingly beautiful, she is also well spoken. Pageant analysts think she will place high during the finals night. Rounding the Top 5 is Miss Nigeria Esther Oluwatosin Ajayi. She is currently the strongest from the African region winning both the Darling of the Press Award and the gold medal during the swimsuit competition.

Here’s the complete list of the candidates who made it to the Missosology’s 2nd Hot Picks for Miss Earth 2022:

1.) Miss Netherlands Merel Hendriksen

2.) Miss Australia Sheridan Mortlock

3.) Miss Colombia Andrea Aguilera

4.) Miss Palestine Nadeen Ayoub

5.) Miss Nigeria Esther Oluwatosin Ajayi

6.) Miss Korea Mina Sue Choi

7.) Miss Puerto Rico Paulina Avilés

8.) Miss Iran Mahrou Ahmadi

9.) Miss Zimbabwe Sakhile Dube

10.) Miss Belgium Daphné Nivelles

11.) Miss Indonesia Karina Basrewan

12.) Miss Wales Shereen Brogan

13.) Miss Brazil Jéssica Pedroso

14.) Miss Philippines Jenny Ramp

15.) Miss Thailand Chawanphat Kongnim

16.) Miss USA Brielle Simmons

17.) Miss Mexico Indira Pérez

18.) Miss France Alison Carrasco

19.) Miss Ecuador Susan Toledo

20.) Miss Venezuela Oriana Pablos