Due to the pandemic, the inaugural edition of Miss Charm was postponed this year but a new announcement was made by the organizers. As of this time, participating countries have already appointed their delegates. Here’s the official announcement from Mr. Nam Trinh of Miss Charm:

Since the MISS CHARM competition was officially announced, the organization wholeheartedly has desired to bring you and pageant fans in the world a prestigious beauty contest that promotes tourism, cultures, and education. However, the schedule has been changed because of Covid-19. We are very grateful for your patience and sympathy.

At present, the nations have proper plans to adjust and live with the big issue and Vietnam does as well. The authority is planning to reopen the country to international tourists in order to promote the nation’s tourism and recover its economy. After working with several countries on the hosting location, we still prefer to choose the venue where the contest originated, Vietnam, we believe that we will receive great support from everyone for this decision.

We would like to give an official announcement as follows:

– Name: MISS CHARM 2021

– Time: April 10th – April 24th, 2022

– Place: PHU QUOC Island and HO CHI MINH City

– Final Show: April 23rd, 2022 – HCMC