Mireia Lalaguna may have won the Miss World 2015 crown but the 23 year old Catalan beauty – until recently – suffered low self-esteem. Yes, as impossible it may seem, Mireia lacks confidence and is pretty much conscious that her looks may not fit in on what is the standard in her native Spain. She admits that her tall figure and her thick lips made her a bit unsure about herself in public.

Mireia Lalaguna
Mireia Lalaguna when she was crowned as Miss World Barcelona

This young sweet woman nevertheless entered the world of pageantry. She is a pharmacy student at the University of Barcelona who loves to play the piano. Well in fact, she played piano for the Miss World 2015 talent competition. She is described by friends and relatives as “very sweet, very intelligent, prudent, responsible and a great natural elegance”.

Mireia Lalaguna
Mireia Lalaguna when she was crowned as Miss World Spain

The lack of self-esteem in Mireia, a handicap if not managed properly, have allowed her to be grounded at all times. When she was called as one of the Top 5 at Miss World 2015 contest, she was visibly shocked. During the interviews, she admitted that she don’t know what to say as she didn’t expect to reach that far in the competition.

Mireia Lalaguna
Mireia Lalaguna performing the flamenco for Dances of the World

Miss World has been known to select winners that are sweet (Megan Young), aloof (Alexandria Mills) and humble (Rolene Strauss). As it seems, all of these qualities merged in Mireia. She returned back to her native Spain in the same manner when she left – without any fanfare whatsoever. Julia Morley, the CEO of Miss World, decided to give her a holiday furlough. Homecoming celebrations can wait.

But the world of Mireia has forever changed. Recently, a swarm of photographers and paparazzis surrounded her on the way to parking lot. A lady who once feel unsure of herself for having a different and unconventional beauty is now a celebrity. She is an inspiration to all women out there who are suffering from low self-esteem. Mireia is a living testament that sometimes those features that you thought are detrimental to your beauty are actually the envy of others. Mireia’s lack of self-confidence, interestingly, made her win the Miss World crown.

Mireia Lalaguna
Mireia Lalaguna expressed shock as she was called as one of the Top 5 finalists at Miss World 2015


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