All the 67 girls are here, and we are more than halfway through the competition.  In less than five days, a new Miss International will be crowned.   Let’s assess how the girls are doing so far…

1.  ARUBA (Erialde Josaine).    This Caribbean beauty is actually much better looking in person than in still photos.  She has really beautiful skin that stands out.  Watch out for her!

2. AUSTRALIA (Johanna Parker).  Since the first day, she never fails to lighten up the mood whenever you see her presence.  Her bubbly personality and ever smiling face will bring her far into the competition.

Miss International 2008, Alejandra Andreu with MI 2013 delegates from Canada, Australia and Belgium

3. BELGIUM (Ekaterina Sarafanova).  She is actually someone who can capture one’s attention because of her strong presence and charisma.  She is our “Best Hair” award!

4. BOLIVIA (Adriana Delgadillo Galvan).  I can’t believe that this towering beauty is being ignored by the cyber fans. Adriana can pull a major surprise!  She is one of the strongest Latinas in the competition.

5. BRAZIL  (Cristina Alives Da Silva).  She was one of the major favorites before arriving to Japan, but somehow, she is fizzling out.  Who knows?  She might just be reserving the best when it matters the most.  She is one of the girls with the best bodies in the competition.

6. CANADA  (Sarah Ainsley Harrison).  Another decent delegate who is not being talked about in our forum, but up close, she is recognizable because of her simple beauty and towering height.

7. CHINA (Jin Ying).  This girl is very cute.   We are not sure if she is pageant ready, but her cuteness more than compensates for her lack of competitive edge.

8.  CHINESE TAIPEI (Xiao-wen Chen).  This exotic beauty is actually one who is refreshingly beautiful, and with a captivating smile.  Her kind of beauty is much more suited for Miss Universe, but who knows if she gets lucky at Miss International?

9.  COLOMBIA  (Cindy Lorena Hermida Aguilar).  This pretty Colombian is keeping a low profile, which is somewhat surprising for a delegate from a country with a strong sash at Miss International.   She better step up her game because she has the goods to win it all.

10. COSTA RICA  (Andrea Maria Rojas Pacheco).   This curvaceous Central American beauty is doing well midway through the competition.  We wish to see more of her in the days leading to the finals.

Miss Dominican Rep during the trip to Hakone

11.  DOMINICAN REP (Carmen Munoz Guzman).  She has one of the prettiest faces among the Latinas.  And what is even better is the fact that she can be “cute”, and at the same time “pretty”.  Such type of beauty is very much appreciated here in Japan.

12.  ECUADOR (Nathaly Arroba Hurtado).  Well, height is might!  During the pageant activities, one cannot ignore this tall Ecuadorian because she usually groups with the Spanish-speaking delegates.   Up close, she has this strong feature that does not really need much make-up.  Hope she read this, for her own sake.

13.  EL SALVADOR  (Yaritza Rivera).  In a line-up of experienced and strong Latin delegates, Yaritza may be having a hard time to stand out.   Hope she does well at the International Forum so she will be noticed well.

Miss Estonia

14. ESTONIA  (Madli Vilsar).  Tall and with a classical European looks, she is a favorite by many.  She just needs to know her best angle, and hairstyle.  With the right make-up and styling, she can easily capture the judges’ attention, so she can have the chance to deliver her speech and show her intelligence as well.

15.  FINLAND  (Helianna Ylimaula).  The most glamorous delegate to date, she is here to avenge for her predecessor, who was just one-point behind clinching the top plum at last year’s Miss International.  She is totally different from Viivi Suominen (MI 2012 1st Runner-up), which is a good thing because she is offering a different “Finland” at this year’s competition.

16.  GABON (Reilly Mboumba Makaya).   She does not fail to impress everytime her pictures come out.  She knows the right make-up, the right color, and the right hairstyle.   She is one of the most prepared delegates this year, so even though Miss International has the history of ignoring black Africans for many years, Reilly may just be the perfect girl to end that drought.

Miss Gabon

17.  GERMANY (Oksana Koroleva).  One thing that makes her a favorite at the competition is the fact that she has this conventional “blonde beauty” prototype, which is very much adored here in Japan.   She is expected to do well at the finals.

18.  GIBRALTAR  (Jamielee Randall).  Pictures of her are very rare.  But according to our correspondents, she is very stunning in person!   The fans are actually claimoring, and they want to see more of her in the days to come.

19.  GUADELOUPE (Meghane Monrose).  It is very easy to spot Meghane because she usually groups with the other French-speaking girls, who are all beautiful women of color.  She always smiles, and she must keep that positive aura going around her because she can make it into the semifinals on her own merits.

20.  GUAM (Lirone Veksler).  The Pacific princess is not your typical Guam beauty who competes in international pageant.  She has this look that can be universal, and appealing at any corners of the world.

21.  GUATEMALA (Sara Guerrero).    Another decent delegate from Guatemala this year, although one of our reporters prefer last year’s delegate.  So far, Sara is showing positive signs of enjoying Japan, which is a good thing.

22.  HAITI (Clara Luce Lafond).  We are not sure if she can sustain the wonderful performance of her predecessor, Anedie Azael, but here is Clara who has the most unique hairstyle of the competition, and she is owning that identity!   It is hard not to notice her.

23.  HONG KONG (Lau Pui Yuet).  What you actually see in pictures, is what you get in person.  Lau has the typical Asian movie actress vibe, that can be marketable in this side of the world.

24.  HUNGARY (Brigitta Otvos).  Although lacking in height, as compared to most of her European counterparts, Brigitta’s facial beauty alone can go unmatched.  She has the face of an angel, and with a strong organization backing her up, she can go far and give Hungary a much deserved placement this year!

25.  ICELAND (Sigrun Eva Armannsdottir).  For icy cold Tokyo in December, Sigrun feels very much at home here, and it shows!  Her calm attitude at almost all activities is clearly evident, and she is showing much ease and comfort just being her own self.   But Miss International is still a competition, and she has to step up her game and show that she is here to win it!  Fans are noticing that she does not wear much make-up.

26.  INDIA (Gurleen Grewal).  Her easygoing personality, smart look and endless smile remind a lot of pageant fans of the kind of winner that Miss Universe used to have in the 1990s.  Gurleen is doing perfectly fine midway through the competition.   If she keeps up her natural candidness and fun personality, she might just become India’s first Miss International winner.

27.  INDONESIA (Marisa Sartika Maladewi).  She is very determined to win this competition.  It shows through her attitude, with her approach towards everyone, and her overall styling.  A lot of Indonesian fans say that she is one smart woman, and that can be a huge advantage at MI setting.   She is also very down-to-earth and amiable.

28.  ITALY (Sara Cavagnari).   Sara admitted that she’s partly here for business, and for the competition.  Whether it’s business or not, she is one of the candidates that is well-received by the public.  She might as well capitalize on that, and who knows, winning this pageant may bring in more goods that she can deliver?

Japan and Korea

29.  JAPAN (Yukiko Takahashi).  The host girl is doing a marvelous job!  Although a lot of internet-based fans may not be able to appreciate that, allow us to say that this humble lady is actually doing everything to keep a great showing as a representative of her country and to balance her role as the host delegate. Well, not to mention that she has the added pressure of being the delegate of the reigning queen’s country.

30.  KOREA (Ji-Eun Han).  Whenever you see Miss Japan, you can easily spot Miss Korea.  That’s what a lot of fans are saying.  They are inseparable, and it’s a good thing.   But, Ji-eun needs to be more visible alone.  She has to.

31.  KYRGYZSTAN (Meerim Erkinbaeva).  She made a great showing during the Press Presentation, and her national costume was awesome!

32.  LEBANON (Layla Yarak).   This captivating beauty from the Middle East has one of the most beautiful eyes in the competition.

33.  LITHUANIA (Elma Segzdaviciute).  The Miss Photogenic award has definitely moved her stocks up, and she is now one of the most-talked about delegates after capturing that important award.  This very young model actually confessed that she came to the pageant with not much support, as she is personally spending for her participation.

34. LUXEMBOURG (Corrine Semedo Furtado).  It is pleasing to see this Cape Verdean stunner to represent Luxembourg at this year’s Miss International.  Although she struggles against the much taller delegates, she still stands out because of her skin color and great stage presence.  She was good during the Press Conference.