Dreams do come true indeed! Back in 2019 prior to the pandemic, María Fernanda Aristizábal was crowned as Señorita Colombia 2020. She was supposed to represent Colombia at the Miss Universe 2020 pageant. Then the pandemic struck and there was a change of franchise owners of Miss Universe in Colombia. All of the sudden, the dream of María Fernanda Aristizábal to represent her country at Miss Universe vanished into thin air.

But fate has its own way when something is truly meant for someone. The new franchise owner and the national director of Miss Universe Colombia, Natalie Ackermann, decided to appoint María Fernanda as Miss Universe Colombia 2022. A dream that was crushed two years ago is once again alive and well and María Fernanda has finally begun her journey towards the possible third Miss Universe crown for Colombia.

Natalie Ackermann admitted it was not an easy decision. She had to wait for the response of Señorita Colombia organization ensuring that María Fernanda has no active contracts or other legal obligations. She has also to contend the fact that María Fernanda was no longer preparing herself for international beauty contests but has instead focused on her business and academic goals.

The appointment of María Fernanda Aristizábal as Miss Universe Colombia 2022 has been rumored for quite sometime. But it was only yesterday, April 6th, that the official announcement came up. Attended by the media and pageant enthusiasts, Natalie Ackermann together with Valeria Ayos (Miss Universe Colombia 2021 and Miss Universe 2021 Top 5 finisher) made the announcement at Dann Carlton Hotel in Medellin.

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