A beauty queen who winnows chaff from grains, speaks six languages, and talks to chicken? Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 Sharifa Akeel breaks all stereotypes in the prestigious pageant’s newest online video marking the launch of its #LoveTheDifference campaign.

The 22-year old beauty queen bared little-known facts about herself, underscoring how embracing one’s individuality enshrines the true meaning of beauty. Miss Asia Pacific International, currently setting the stage for its 51st cycle this October 2019, tapped its reigning queen to echo this message through the #LoveTheDifference campaign.

“Coming from our Beauty in Diversity advocacy, #LoveTheDifference campaign is all about embracing one’s individuality. We believe that our advocacy sets us apart in that we encourage our ladies to be authentic and proud of their story, background, and heritage. We want all our candidates to shine by their own standards, to showcase what makes them different. In an age where light is being shown on inclusivity and acceptance, we are in search of a queen who embodies what it means to find the beauty in all the facets that makes her who she is,” said Miss Asia Pacific International General Manager Essa Santos.

Akeel, with her storied background, is an embodiment of this campaign. Instead of shying away from her upbringing, she takes her humble background, as well as all her experiences, and proudly showcases them as elements that sets her apart from the usual pageantry mound. To date she is one of the youngest international pageant title holders in the world, not to mention the very first Muslim Filipina to have won in an international pageant.

The video shows Akeel, with the same bubbly and witty personality, sharing snippets of her different sides: naming shelled animals she used to catch, cooking a popular local delicacy, singing in her dialect, among others.

The #LoveTheDifference campaign launch video was released few weeks before the arrival of Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 candidates. The Philippines is once again set to host the world-renowned pageant this year where its very own Sharifa Akeel will crown her successor in the Grand Coronation Night on October 9 at Newport Performing Arts Theatre. Missosology.Org