Aruba is wearing a peach two-piece.

Australia is bubbly with her blue two-piece. Very cute!

Belgium looks great in her flower-design two-piece.

Bolivia is voluptous, and her height is her might!

Brazil wearing black two-piece, is well-applauded. Nice butt!

Canada is a swimmer and a volleyball player.

China hobby is net surfing, and is radiant in her yellow two-piece.

Chinese Taipei hobby is singing and playing the piano. She is wearing a printed dark pink two-piece.

Colombia is pretty in her purple one piece!

Costa Rica loves basketball, and she is sparkling in her dark pink swimsuit.

Dominican Rep is very lively in her pink two-piece.

Ecuador is a major standout in her neon yellow two piece!!!

El Salvador is cute

Estonia is also a major standout.

Finland likes ice skating

Gabon is very much applauded!!! She might win!!!

Gibraltar is also appplauded

Guadeloupe is nice in her one-piece.
Gabon Swimwear

























Guam is very youthful

Guatemala has the CURVES!!!

Haiti should smile because she’s pretty! Nice body!

Hong Kong really looks like a cute actress.

Hungary is very simple, yet stunning in her blue-velvet two-piece.


India is simple in her pink two-piece.

Indonesia is radiant in her straight hair. Very tropical beauty!

Italy is a beauty! She is very much apploaded here.

Japan is not that applauded… But she is pretty!

Korea is like an Oriental barbie in her dark peach two-piece. Many people applauded her.

Kyrgyzstan another well-applauded delegate by the neutral japanese crowd.

Lebanon is all smiles after the Japanese audience started to clap for her.

Lithuania‘s youthful beauty is very evident as she struts in her pink two-piece.

Amazingly, Luxembourg was very much applauded. The japanese audience is cheering for the black candidates this year!

Macau is quadringle. She can speak, Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Japanese.

Malaysia is so slim.

Mexico looks a lot better now than ever and she is a standout!

Mongolia is covered with net! And she is like an Asian diva!! I love her! An Asian front runner!!!

Myanmar has lots of fans from the crowd!

Nepal with her bling-blings… She looks like royalty!

Slow move for Netherlands. She looks expensive!

New Zealand was a beauty to behold! One-sided blonde hair! Wow!

Nicaragua is cute.

Panama is radiating on stage with her beautiful skin in contrast with the pastel colored two-piece.

Paraguay is conservative in her one-piece, but she’s a beauty!!!

Peru loves to speak in English and she is cute.

Philippines has shouting gays at the bac again, and the judges are annoyed by it. She is great though.

Poland is wonderful! Best body award!

Portugal is stepping up! Great!!

Puerto Rico in her light green two-piece is most applauded.

Romania really looks like a lingerie model. Very sexy!

Russia with her amazing legs!!!!!

Singapore in her red one-piece is looking strong.

South Africa is really a goddess!!!!!!!

Slovakia in her skimpy white two-piece is cute.

South Sudan is demure in her walk!

Spain looks short, but she’s cute. She has many fans!!!

Suriname can speak five languages!!! Wow!

Sexy Sweden! She is a Scandinavian queen of beauty!!!!!! She bowed with class!

Thailand has a really good face, but her thighs are not flaterring.

Tahiti is sooooo pretty and one of the best faces of the night.

Tunisian is like an Arabian princess, mixed with European aristocracy.

Ukraine is very simple.

United Kingdom has lots of fans as well.

USA has lots of fans!

Venezuela has the height! The best catwalk of the night!

Vietnam concluded the swimsuit round. Great skin!!!


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