Aruba in a white shimmering shine evening gown

Australia In pink classy gown

Belgium: in pink gown

Bolivia is simple but striking with glitters

Brazil the best! well applauded

Canada in white shimmering gown

Chinese Taipei in yellow

Colombia barazza inspired gown in red well-applauded.

Costa Rica..simply white

Dominican Republic.. Red gown but it reminds me of Stefania Fernandez gown by Straccia.

Ecaudor..the gown pops out from her skin

El Salvador glittering top but the bottom is cheap looking

Estonia.. Her gown is very short at the bottom.

Gabon..gown ni miss nevada 2012

Finland.. is light yellow

Germany..almost fell tripped! beautiful gown in glittering pink.

Gibraltar is elegant

Guam…glittering dark blue

Guatemala..beautiful glitters in black

Haiti…it was ok

Hungary..ordinary white

Iceland..beautiful combination of balck and blue.

Indonesia Reminds us or Ariela Arrida

Italy…very flowy ang bottom green not so striking

Korea is fairy like white

Kyrgyzykstan..unique design

Lithuania one of the best that night. design gown

Mexico..kenji likes her glittering gown

Mongolia is long and sexy ut still wholesome

Myanmar..simple and unique

Mongolia..class! glitteing

New zealand..breath-taking

Netherlands..glittering raibow like gown but elegant

Nicaragua..simple orange long gown red long gown..

Peru..she carries it well..beautigul baby pink striking and glittering red

Portugal..kenji like details pageant patty gown

Puerto Rico..kenji like details “gown was amazing. I love the details” prom looking gown

Slovak gown

South africa.. is the copy cat of olivias gown.

Spain..beautiful white gown Red Carpet.

Sweden…princess most beautiful

Suriname is simple and same as Macau

Tahiti Beautiful Pink

Thailand looks stunning & cute in her gown.

Tunisia is beautiful but sleeves is a bit off.

United Kingdom is nice

Venezuela is ok not bad.

Vietnam is glittering pink

FinlandMiss Finland