What kind of walk is Elvira’s walk?


Last year, we have seen the Komodo Walk of Whulandary at Miss Universe 2013. What is exactly the Komodo Walk? First, the Komodo is a mighty animal so the walk of Whulandary is about having a strong presence. When she walked on that stage in Moscow, she gave a strong and fierce aura. Her pose is majestic and when she began to move to the left of the stage she gave an awesome hip swing.

This year, what kind of walk shall we call for Elvira?


Miss Universe 2013

Apa julukan untuk catwalk Elvira ?


Tahun lalu , kami mempunyai julukan “Komodo Walk” untuk whulandary pada Miss Universe 2013. Apa arti dari komodo walk ? Pertama , komodo adalah binatang yang kuat , jadi cara berjalan Whulandary mempunyai kekuatan tersendiri. Kapan dia berjalan diatas panggung di Moscow , dia mempunyai kekuatan & aura yang mengintimidasi. Posenya yang anggun dan dimana dia memulai untuk merubah berjalan ke kiri panggung , dia terlihat luar biasa saat memutarkan badannya.

Tahun ini , apa julukan cara berjalan yang akan kami panggil untuk Elvira ?


  1. Elvira doesn’t have the same catwalk skill, She is more too calm down, and like a queen. Maybe “Solo” Walk, Solo in Indonesia means Alone because when she walks everyone was like “WOW” at her and another meaning of Solo is a place in Indonesia, where people there well-mannered, very calm. This place represents the truly Indonesian girl, who have to be calm down and natural.


  2. Or Maybe… Indonesian has already popularized the #VivaViraIndonesia hashtag on twitter and facebook, Maybe “VivaWalk!”. Viva means Alive, I think it suits her. Because her aura blended greatly with her catwalk. Her catwalk is very Alive, i think so…

  3. I’m glad that Asian send another strong delegates this year!
    Believe me guys, in 5 or 10 years coming Asian will be a strong region in Miss Universe like South American region! You guys should support each other! I’m please to see more and more Asian countries to make the cut! Much likely 4/5 girl in Top 5 MU is Asian!