By Stephen I. Diaz

Just recently, the great country of Poland has been leaving a strong mark in the pageant world, after long years of quiet participation.  In fact, just seven years ago, they successfully hosted the Miss World pageant – the first and only to be held in continental Europe –  and a few years later, they welcomed the birth of a new promising pageant called Miss Supranational.   At Miss Earth, Poland may claim of a good standing, where they are now ranked 6th in the Official Big 4 Ranking, thanks to the strong performances of their recycled queens who conquered the pageant in the years past.   While last year at Miss Universe, they were back in the semis spot after more than two decades of waiting.   Although they did not classify this year in the Top 16, it was good enough that their bet was tagged as one of major front runners.  On the otherhand, Poland’s status at Miss International is a different story.  In recent years, they have struggled to place in a pageant that they easily dominated back in the 1990s.  With three titles on their pocket – the last one was in 2001 with Malgorzata Rozniecka – Poland is ready to stop their four-year drought at Miss International, with the intelligent and stunning Katarzyna Oracka.  Let’s get to know more about her.


1. Please tell us about yourself, your family background and your ambition in life.

Katarzyna preparing home-made sushi rolls

Hello Everyone! My name is Katarzyna Oracka. I’m 25 years old and I was born and raised in Otwock, a small town near the capital city of Poland – Warsaw. I study law at the University of Warsaw. At the moment I’m at the last year – the fifth and I have to write my M.A.thesis.
My passions are music, literature, film and sport. In different parts of the year I enjoy other sports. In summer I like swimming and windsurfing and in winter I prefer skiing and ice-skiing. I love dancing  especially Latin.
I’m optimistic and sociable person with a positive attitude to the world, but I’m very sensitive, modest and independent. I love travelling – my dream is to travel around the world and visit so many places as it’s possible. I would like to meet other cultures, new people and see interesting landscapes.

I love my family and friends who support me a lot. I grew up in warm family atmosphere. I’ve got a brother and he is 6 years older than me. In my childhood I painted oil pictures, sailed and played computer games with my brother. He influenced me to like watching football and volleyball matches on TV.
I love animals – I’ve got four dogs (Yorkshire Terrier) and they’re so cute. I can’t imagine my life without them.

Every day I try to find only positive things and I believe that real nature of people is good.
My goal is to be a good person. Sharing and giving gives me more pleasure than taking only.
My ambition is to have a happy family, to accomplish my professional goals, travel a lot and give happiness to other people.

2. Where in Poland are you from? Please tell us a little bit about its history and culture.

The iconic Otwock Station

I come from small town Otwock, near Warsaw. My country is very beautiful, full of wonderful places which you should definitely visit. Very important part of our tradition is Polish cuisine, which is popular and adored around the world. It’s interesting that Otwock is distinguished by its vast pine forests, which cover 30% of the area. Extensive forests, large meadows, peat bogs and natural wild beds of the Vistula (the largest Polish river) and Świder Rivers constitute Otwock as a one of the beautiful and “green” towns in Poland.
In additional I would like to show a huge role of history which has got influence on the outlook of my country. Warsaw has been completely rebuilt after the World War II practically from scratch. Warsaw’s vibrant business downtown takes pride in many skyscrapers and ambitious plans to build more. The catchy skyline is still dominated by the enormous Palace of Culture and Science. Warsaw is a big city with the East European flavour. We can’t miss the beautiful Old Town, the Royal Route, the Chopin museum and several magnificent palaces.


3. As a child, how was it growing up in your country?

Now on her fifth year at law school, Katarzyna strongly believes in the importance of education.

I’ve got lot of beautiful memories. I can tell that I’m a lucky girl that I was born in my house. My parents are the best and I love them so much. I can always count on them – They’re my real friends. I admire them, because they’re good people and I wish to be in the future like my Mum.
When I was young I knew that education was the most important because it’s my future. I had also possibility to develop my hobbies. It would be great if all children will have possibility to build their future on the normal ground in free country, in normal families full of love and warm atmosphere.

4. Poland is one of the most successful European countries in Miss International, with three titles. Do you think you can you can be the fourth? How do you prepare for the competition?

I start in Miss International Pageant because I believe that I can be the fourth! The preparations for the competition need a lot of time and efforts. I am very grateful of my family and friends who support me. I would like to represent my country as best as I can. I feel as a representative of all Polish girls, I think that this competition consists not only of extrinsic beauty but also on internal matters.

5. You will be arriving in Japan this week. Do you have any expectations about Tokyo and Japan? If you do, what are they?

I’m interested in nature, architecture and people from various countries. I’m impressed not only by the differences but also by the similarities we all share no matter where we were born and live. I read a lot about Japan, it’s history, people and the culture.  Of course, to read about Japan is something different than to be there in person. I want to meet a lot of Japanese people and its culture. Time which I will spend in Japan I want to use it 100%.
I’m fascinated and I can’t wait for my trip to Asia. I’m sure that it will be an unforgettable experience and the adventure of my life. I’m very positive about this trip and I look forward to the 7th of December – the first day of Miss International grouping.

6. Aside from winning the title, what do you want to achieve at the Miss International pageant?

I got a chance to represent my country. I’m very happy and it’s a great pleasure to visit such beautiful country as Japan. My joy is extreme as there are so many elements which make those two far away countries so close – for example both the Poles and Japanese people love the music of Fryderyk Chopin. I will meet many beautiful and nice girls and their cultures. There will be an extra ordinary occasion that girls from so many countries can meet at the same place and at one time to share opinions on their own tradition and culture. I’m quite sure this will be a very interesting and inspiring experience for all of us.

7. Finally, why do you think you should be the next Miss International?

I hope that I will have a chance to answer this question on the 17th of December during the Final Miss International.  For now it is my secret. I deeply believe that soon you will become absolutely sure that I should become the Miss International.  I deeply believe that dreams come true.