miss slovakia 1

1.)  Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know about.


I use to do everything alone. I can not rely on anyone because I prefer to do things myself, I think it’s best to do their own. I love when things work on hundred percent.J


2.) Can you describe to us your Beauty with a Purpose project?


Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton  once said: A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.

I usually think of those words in terms of lonely and sick children who are always pleased even with words, smile or hug. I was meeting all those children during the last year and I have tried to help them with everyone who I could. Motivation, that is my aim. Due to it I try to motivate people as good as I can. Me and the entire team of MISS Slovakia, we organized the camp for lonely children where we were working to help them to forget on their all problem and loneliness. I know this idea was very successful and those amazing children had such a great time even just for a short time.


3.) Why do you want to become Miss World 2013?


The fact that I won Miss Slovakia meant that my childhood dream came true. This means a lot for me and everything connected with this competition I try to do the best and take my mission for the good things. That’s the reason why I want to become a Miss World 2013 because be Miss World is the way to help poorer people do good things, and make the world more beautiful and better.


 miss slovakia 2

4.) What do you expect in Indonesia?


I have never been in Indonesia before and I hope I’ll enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to all girls and all month we will spend here. I am grateful for the chance I’ve got, and to be able to participate in such a spectacular competition as Miss World.

I am very curious about what this country is about, what will be similar with my country and what will be totally different. I am looking forward to see all the sights, nature, people and mostly the children. I have already read some information about country I am going to spend some weeks in and I am pretty sure that I will like it. Indonesia has what to offer and I am glad I can see it alive. J

miss slovakia 3

5.) Describe your costume for the Dances of the World.


The traditional Slovak clothing is called Kroj. Every region has its own distinct kroj and each one is absolutely beautifull. The women’s clothing is usually very brightly decorated. The skirts have many layers of “peticoat” underneath so they stick out from the body. The skirts are usually knee length or a little more. The blouses are usually linen and the women’s blouses are decorated with embroidery and ribbon. The most interesting, perhaps, is that Slovaks used to be able to tell where a person was from by there kroj. In addition, every piece of the outfit was symbolic. I hope you will like Slovak traditional clothing.




Special thanks to Tomas Haberl for facilitating the interview