The beautiful country of Suriname may not be well-known in the Big4 pageant circuit, but one has to know that despite its humble status – they are currently ranked 119 – they are working hard to make a name for themselves.  Surrounded by pageant powerhouses, such as Brazil and nearby Venezuela, one might wonder why this country has not really made a strong impact, yet, in the world of pageantry.  But despite this reality, Suriname actually has a very promising national organization that sends delegates to international pageants.  It is the Tropical Beauties Suriname.  The winner goes to Miss Supranational, while the 1st Runner-up goes to Miss International.    Many pageant fans believe that the 1st Runner-up is quite lucky to be able to participate in a Big 4 pageant, much the same as with the Miss Tahiti and Miss Hong Kong pageants where their respective winners don’t get such opportunity right away, but their runners-up go to Miss International.  Miss Tahiti has to win the Miss France pageant to be able to compete in either Miss Universe or Miss World.

In the case of Suriname, Janet van Klaveren becomes that lucky runner-up who will be coming to Tokyo, Japan this December to compete in the third oldest Big4 Pageant, the Miss International Beauty Pageant.  Let’s get to know more about this young stunner, and how she has improved since her national pageant.



1. Please tell us about yourself, your family and your ambition in life.

My name is Janet van Klaveren and I’m 22 years old. I weigh 110 pounds and I’m 5 ‘8″ tall. My ethnicity is mixed and I was born and raised in a wonderful country named Suriname, in South-America. I have one sister and we live with our grandmother. My mother works in Brazil, where I lived for three years. I study environmental science at the University of Suriname and during my spare time I watch sports game (NBA & Soccer), give private Portuguese conversation classes, have dinner with friends and go out to enjoy the beautiful nature when I feel like relaxing.



2. Tell us something about a typical childhood in the tropics, based on your personal experience.
What I mostly remember from my childhood is playing outside with with the neighbors on sunny days and when the rain starts to come we all keep playing and having fun in the rain.

3. If someone wants to visit Suriname right now, where do you recommend to visit, and why?
As a small country, Suriname has a lot of beautiful places to visit. But what most tourists come to Suriname for is her fascinating nature, which I also recommend. Our tropical rainforest consists of a great variety of exotic plants and animals with breathtaking waterfalls and rapids. You will be fascinated about the lifestyle of the interior inhabitants living in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This tour is recommended for every nature lover but also for everyone who would like to get to know a small, yet unique and breathtaking part of the world’s biggest rainforest.

Janet can also speak Portuguese

4. When did you start thinking about becoming a beauty queen, and why did you join the Miss Tropical Beauties Suriname pageant?
For years my family and friends were pushing me to participate in a pageant competition and I always told them “one day I will”. Until two years ago I realized I want to take that chance, so when I heard of this organization I searched their Facebook page “Miss Tropical Beauties Suriname”. The curriculum of TBS got my attention right away so I joined this organization because in my opinion they had the qualities to transform me into a valuable beauty queen.

Janet in her recent modeling stint

5. You are going to compete at Miss International this year. Aside from winning the pageant, what do you wish to accomplish in the said competition?

I wish to establish a good network with other people and expand my knowledge on global subjects. And for my country, I would like to take home a package full of unique experiences, so I can share my knowledge with next generations.

6. Suriname has not placed even as a semifinalist in Miss International. So far, your country has only participated four times in this annual competition (1971, 2007, 2008 and 2012). Why is this so?

I think this had to do with the minimum investment and experience of organizations, and minimum stimulation of the government. (Note that this year’s Miss World Suriname was not able to participate in Indonesia for some undisclosed reason.  Suriname is not eligible to compete at Miss Universe.)

7. Why do you think you should be the next Miss International?
I’m the next Miss International because I own both inner and outer beauty which will get me through all positive challenges that I’ll face as a role model and bring me and my country on a higher level.



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