It is heartbreaking to see a formidable contestant failing to deliver when it matters the most. In many cases, one uses gut feeling when analyzing the chances of a beauty queen. Sometimes, the obvious is just hard to ignore. Just like Sarah Loinaz’ communication skills, her approachable attitude and her queenly demeanor. Those are difficult to ignore and those are the markers of a possible Miss Universe.


What matters most at Miss Universe however is that when you are required to shine, you must deliver and one has to exceed expectations. Sarah Loinaz was someone that people expected to be splendid in all aspects. She was a star prior to the prelims with her well-thought wardrobes and excellent stylings. The zenith of her Miss Universe journey was when she ranked first in Missosology’s Second Hot Picks. From then on, pageant analysts and enthusiasts were focused on her.

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During the Miss Universe 2021 preliminaries, Sarah Loinaz did well but it was not enough to make her shine. There were so many missed opportunities. At swimsuit competition, there were rough edges that should have been sanded. It was obvious that her catwalk was not well polished and it lacks the vibrancy and fierceness that most people expect.

Pageant analysts agree that Sarah Loinaz’ catwalk lacks sparkle

The gown competition could have provided some chances for Sarah Loinaz. Her signature pose at the end where she shows off her curvy side and sexy back whilst leaning a bit to her left was spellbinding. However, her choice of gown using neutral colors did not make her standout.

It is true that Sarah Loinaz did not measure up to our expectations during the prelims but there were a lot of surprises in the Top 16. Surely, Sarah could have beaten a lot of them in the gown and swimsuit competition. If only she were there and given a chance, she could have shined and delivered.

What can we learn from all of these? Well, in the world of beauty pageants, expectations can sometimes pull a candidate down. There’s that pressure on a beauty queen to match reality with the public’s perception. On the other hand, a lot of candidates that are free from the burden of expectations can sometimes shine and pull a surprise. They are the unbothered queens who just deliver what they think is the best version of herself. Indeed, these are the heartbreaking lessons that future contestants can take from the Miss Universe 2021 pageant.

Sarah Loinaz’ signature pose during the gown prelims was even posted on Miss Universe’s official Twitter account which some analysts believe was a sign that she was a top favorite