In an expected turn of events, a model from Oscar Promotion was once again crowned as Miss World Japan.  Hikaru Kawai of Sendai City took over the crown from fellow model, Michiko Tanaka – Miss World Japan 2013 – in a posh event held in ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo.

Runners up were Hitomi Yoshioka, Mayu Kubota and Eri Yasuda.  Yasuda was awarded with the Beauty with a Purpose special citation.

The two-hour pageant did not end without questionable remarks as the other finalists complained that the eventual winner was nowhere to be found during the second elimination round, which was the Talent and English speech competition held last June.    She also did not participate in the Sports competition, sponsored by Adidas, which was held earlier this month.

While the other girls were actively promoting the Miss World Japan activities in their respective Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, as instructed by the Miss World Japan staff, the new Miss World Japan did nothing relatively visible to the media prior to her crowning.

Kawai was one of the runners-up at last year’s Miss World Japan contest, which was also marred by questionable selection process.  This year, girls with solid BWAP projects brought their beneficiaries and sponsors at the coronation event, only to leave with a sad note.  One contestant who was expected by the foreign ambassador guests to win the title even suspected that she was not given the chance to speak because it would make her a threat to the planned winner.

Kawai will represent Japan in the Miss World competition in December, to be held in London.


Complete Result:

Miss World Japan 2014 – Hikaru Kawai

Runners-up – Hitomi Yoshioka, Mayu Kubota, Eri Yasuda

Beauty With a Purpose – Eri Yasuda

Top Model – Hikaru Kawai

Sports – Airu Nazuki

Multimedia – Makiko Toda

Talent (Top 3) – Hitomi Yoshioka, Mao Kaneko, Rina Akizawa

Top 17:

Rina Akizawa
Rie Ota
Mao Kaneko
Maria Kamiyama
Hikaru Kawai
Mayu Kubota
Kaori Sakai
Arika Tachibana
Ruri Chikuma
Makiko Toda
Chika Nakagawa
Airu Nazuki
Yuri Hayasaka
Eri Yasuda
Eriko Yoshii
Hitomi Yoshioka