The 29-year-old beauty who hails from the city of Dunedin will be representing New Zealand in the upcoming Miss Universe 2024 which will be held in Mexico. Her appointment was announced by Josh Yugen, the new Miss Universe franchise holder in New Zealand during the sashing ceremony was held at The Alpha Suites in Makati City, the Philippines. Josh is also the franchise holder in Bahrain and Egypt.

Franki Russel first embarked her beauty pageant journey in 2014 when she joined the Miss Universe New Zealand content in that year. Luck was not on her side and she moved on to various fields including an acting stint in the Philippines. As the new Miss Universe Zealand, Franki confessed that it “feels like a 10-year journey in the making.”

New Zealand last participated at the Miss Universe pageant in 2019. The country prides itself for producing one Miss Universe winner – Lorraine Downes, who won in 1983. New Zealand is currently ranked 29th at the Big5 Ranking.