Ewa Jakubiec, a 26 year old model, is the new Miss Polonia. She is currently residing in Wroclaw but hails originally from Opolszczyzna. Ewa is also a certified nurse specializing in anesthesiology balancing her career with professional modeling. She will represent Poland at the Miss World 2024 pageant.

The Miss Polonia 2023 pageant was held in the resort town of Zakopane. The first runner-up is Natalia Grabowska while the second runner-up is Kornelia Golebiewska. Sandra Samrowska and Agnieszka Orzol completed the Top 5.

Poland boasts two Miss World titleholders: Aneta Kreglicka (1989) and Karolina Bielawska (2021/2022). The country is currently ranked 22nd at the Big5 Ranking.