Falling onstage is of course nothing new at Miss Universe. For example, in 1999, the most talked about fall was Miss Philippines Miriam Quiambao. Many experts believe that her fall in the gown preliminaries helped her propel to the first runner-up position. For example, she was obliquely asked about her fall in the Top 5 question.

Ruqqayah Boyer of Guyana was also the talk of the town when she fell down during the preliminaries at Miss Universe 2012.

This year, one of the most epic fall happened at the national with a Top 5 finisher at the Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant created a lot of chatter online.


Anyway, during the Yamamy fashion show, poor Miss Dominican Republic accidently fell into what it seems a stupid placement for a diamond hole right on the center of the stage.


Watch the video below: