from the editors of Missosology-China

It is now the time to stop demonizing China and look things from a different perspective. All the accusations lodged against China lacks credibility and some are downright ridiculous. Here, allow us to address every issue one by one.

1.) The case of Anastasia Lin. Every country has a right to deny any foreigner of a visa without the need for an explanation. In this case however, despite no official word about it, the issue is criminal and not political. Anastasia is a member of the illegal cult called Falun Gong. The People’s Republic of China called the group as a threat to social stability and in the eyes of the law, as an active member of the cult, she has a criminal record.

2.) The case of Chinese victories in China. There is no doubt that the victory of Zhang Zilin in Sanya 2007 was very fair and square. She is now considered as one of the best Miss World winners and is a successful actress and model. The victory of Yu Wenxia in 2012 is also fair. Also, in that year, all Big4 pageants except for Miss Earth crowned the local girl so why single-out China?


3.) The case of Mariann Birkedal. There is this ridiculous claim about the correlation of Nobel Prize and Mariann Birkedal’s failure to win. If China was hellbent to avenge the Norwegian government’s Nobel Prize award for a Chinese dissident, why then Miss Norway was in Top 7. Also, in that year, an American woman won and America is one of the strongest critics of Chinese communist government.

4.) The case of countries with territorial dispute with China. The last time China hosted Miss World in 2012, Philippines is a semifinalist. India, which has also a territorial dispute with China, is one of the Top 7. So what is all the fuzz about?

The Miss World 2015 will be grand, fabulous and entertaining. China has put its best foot forward and expect nothing less but a wonderful celebration of beauty and brains. Let’s stop politicizing the pageant as it serves no benefit to any party.



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