Costa Rica boycotts Miss Universe


The crowning of Fabiana Granados. She is the latest Costa Rica beauty to land in the semis of Miss Universe

The following is the content of a televised announcement made by Ignacio Santos, director of Telenoticias Channel 7

Televisora de Costa Rica has maintained a relationship of more than 40 years with … the Miss Universe pageant. For all of those decades the pageant has strived to unite the most diverse countries and cultures, it has carried out important humanitarian campaigns across the world, and it hasn’t marginalized a single contestant based on the color of her skin, her religion or her ideas. Because of this, we reject the xenophobic and offensive statements by the owner of the Miss Universe pageant against our Mexican brothers and sisters, and therefore, against all Latin Americans. The opinions of this man, Donald Trump, are completely contrary to the most basic principles of Costa Rican nationality – principles that also guide the daily work of every one of us at Channel 7. For that reason, Televisora de Costa Rica has decided not to broadcast the Miss Universe pageant. We will only reconsider our decision if Donald Trump retracts his comments immediately and apologizes for his inadmissible statements, or if he separates himself completely from the organization of the pageant. Televisora de Costa Rica also has decided not to send the winner of Señorita Costa Rica to the Miss Universe pageant.



  1. Why does Costa Rica support Mexico ? Donald trump has pointed out facts which r true about Mexicans that they r drug dealers and murderers costs Rica isn’t insulted so why does such an innocent country like Costa Rica want to get involved.Costa Ricans r spoiling their reputation by showing that they r Aldo like Mexicans deep shots. Also other Latina nations supporting mexico and not participating in MU r showing the world that they r aldo corrupted like mexico. I feel that other latina nations should tell Mexico to fuck off and face the fact that what Donald has said is true about them and correct their people. Other latinas should participate I MU and prove to the world tthat they r not ad corrupted as mexicans