Claudia Gonzelez is 26 years old and she is a native of the Canary Islands. She will embark in a quest to win Spain’s fourth Miss International crown later this year in Tokyo, Japan. She was crowned as Miss International Spain 2023 by the outgoing queen Julianna Ro during the Miss World Spain finals which was held in the town of Los Realejos in the island of Tenerife. Claudia represented Las Palmas during the pageant.

“A roller coaster of emotions, that’s how I lived the pageant and all this process,” posted Claudia in her Instagram after she was named as Miss International Spain 2023. “I feel proud of how I have carried the contest and the work that I have done”.

Spain boasts three Miss International titleholders: Pilar Medina (1971), Silvia de Esteban (1990) and Alejandra Andreu (2008). Last year, Julianna Ro finished as one of the Top 8.