Last year, Canada skipped the Miss World pageant. The reason? Outspoken human rights activist Anastasia Lin and Miss World Canada 2015. Since China is hosting the event, the communist government undertook all necessary ways and means to block Anastasia from participating in the pageant. Instead of cowering down, Anastasia fought back and exhausted all effort but she was eventually stopped in Hong Kong on her way to Sanya.

This year, Anastasia is Miss World bound once again and this time, nothing can stop her. Meet this courageous beauty queen, human rights activist and a proud Canadian in an exclusive interview with Missosology.


Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?2016_canada_3-x450
I love sports! I love golfing, fencing, sailing, horseback riding, and ballroom dancing (if you consider it a sport). An active lifestyle makes me feel energetic, especially when I’m traveling, I love to run in difference cities early in the morning, before everyone wakes up!


Can you give us a small preview of your Beauty with a Purpose project?


This year I would like to focus on the forced organ harvesting issue of prisoners of conscience. I believe that when a patient receives an organ for transplant surgery from an organ donor with consent, it is a gift of life, it is a very sacred gift, it should never be done by force.


The Dances of the World segment was already scrapped but which dance would you like to showcase at Miss World?


I think I’d like to showcase Canada’s free and loving spirit in the dance!


Among the Miss World titleholders, who do you admire the most and why?


I admire Miss World 1998 Linor Abargil, she had been through a lot herself, but she transformed her pain into motivation to help women who had been through sexual assault. She is very courageous and she used her title for making real changes in society.


Can you share your beauty secret?


Sleep and meditation. It makes such a big different in a girl’s appearance and energy level. I love how energetic I feel after a very good rest and a peaceful meditation, and believe it or not, it shows on the big screen!


What are your expectations with the host city, Washington D.C.?2016_canada_4-x450


Centre of the free world! I was so excited to know that Washington D.C. will be the host city this year! I have been there a few times, to testify for US congress about human rights issues, to speak at the National Press Club and to simply visit friends! I’m very much looking forward to see how Miss World arrival will change the atmosphere in this very majestic town!


In your opinion is it outdated to still have a swimsuit competition at beauty pageants?

Girls these days are being perceived so differently in the society now. We are using beauty pageant to make real impact in the world. Swimsuit can be fun, but it takes away the focus on what the criteria for a true queen should be, that is be kind, genuine and have a huge heart of understanding.


How would you describe Canada to your fellow contestants?


Canada is a beautiful country with the freest spirit! You will find that this is a place where you can be whoever you want to be, and sky is the limit!

And finally a message to all of your fans of Missosology.


Thank you so much for standing beside me throughout this amazing journey! I am so looking forward to sharing with you more. Your support and kindness has helped me to go through the ups and downs, I have only full hearted appreciation and love for all of you. I sincerely hope that I will make you proud!



Missosology wishes Anastasia all the best of luck at Miss World 2016!