Exclusive interview with Miss Supranational Vietnam 2015 Nguyen Thi Le Quyen.
1. Tell us something about yourself.
Xin chao!
My name is Le Quyen, which when pronounced sounds like Queen, and I am 23 years old . I am Miss Supranational Vietnam 2015 and I come from a peaceful and beautiful country found in Southeast Asia with so many beautiful landscapes and where you can see friendly people with warmly smiles everywhere.
I am a simple girl because I always think simple, work simple and live simple. I love my family so much. My family has 5 members: my parents, an older sister and my younger brother and of course me! I have been living far away from my family and I I don’t see them much. Whenever I am with my family I feel very happy because I think that my family is the most important thing in my life.
2. What’s your current profession?
Now, l’m a model and actress in Vietnam. Before I became Miss Supranational Vietnam 2015 , I have been doing a project named “Relay to School” which helps poor children go to school by giving them all new books, pen, uniforms, etc.
3. What’s your career ambitions?
When I was young, I wish I will become a model to wear nice clothes and now I am doing my dream job. So in the future I want to become a successful businesswoman in fashion industry so that can I can live fully with my dream.
4. What is the most important quality that a Miss Supranational need?
For me, a Miss Supranational is not only a beautiful girl with great body, good skill, but also an influential correspondent to connect different countries together to become one great strong supranational union like European Union or ASEAN. Spread love and peace through understanding and respect.
5. If there is a political issue between your country with another country, how will you solve it?
Now, my country Vietnam is having a territorial dispute in the South China Sea with the People’s Republic of China. It is not only our nation’s issue but also with the Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia. I and many people disagree with the ways that Chinese government is doing by claiming the whole international sea to become their own “fish pond”; it is not fair and unacceptable. And if I can become Miss Supranational, I will use my influence to unite other Southeast Asian countries and show them the historical evidence with international laws that prove China is doing wrong things. Any political issue must be solved in peaceful manner and not by war and I do believe that “together we can change the world”, and that is the Miss Supranational spirit.
6. What are yours expectations in the coming pageant?
Firstly, I want to be the first Vietnamese contestants to be crowned as Miss Supranational. Secondly, I am really excited to go to Poland this November and see snow for the first time in my life.
7. Message to your fans and to MISSOSOLOGY readers?
Watch out! I’m gonna rock Miss Supranational 2015. Please wait and see! Don’t forget to support me and other contestants in the pageant! Thank you so much!

Special thanks to Donald Nguyễn for facilitating the interview