Anabel Torres Delgado finished as the first runner-up during the Showstars Spain 2016 pageant. Months later, she was suddenly on the spotlight when she was awarded the Miss International Spain crown after the original titleholder was dethroned. Humble yet determined, Anabel’s focus now is to bring back once again the Miss International title to Spain. In this interview, Missosology tries to unravel the real Anabel Torres Delgado.


Tell us about the town where you grew up.


I was born in Merida and it is a city full of monuments and wonderful corners with very friendly people. Mérida preserves more important ancient Roman monuments than any other city in Spain, which includes a triumphal arch and a theatre. Merida is a city that one has to fall in love. Merida is like a museum.


What are your qualities that you think will make you the next Miss International?


I would say intelligence, beauty, talent and honesty.


Who among the Miss International titleholders do you admire most and why?


My favorite is Miss International Alejandra Andreu, not only because I take pride that she is from my country but also because at such a young age she managed to juggle her career and her responsibilities as a beauty queen. She did set a good standard for all beauty queens and is a good example and role model of all of us here in Spain. Also, Alejandra has been able to crown Miss International winners twice! I think that she is the only who had ever done this!


Can you tell us what’s inside your bag?


So many things and sometimes more than we really need. But there is always a wallet, house keys, mobile, lip gloss and a small mirror.


mi16es3What’s your breakfast like?


Generally toasted bread with butter and strawberry jam with a glass of cold milk.


Why did you decide to join Showstars Spain and what was the feeling like when they named you as Miss International Spain?


When I heard about ShowStars Spain, they said it is one of the best competitions in Spain and with some of the major international franchises. My regional director told to me that Showstars do a very professional work, training courses, excellent treatment and real international presence. For example, one of the winners took part at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Germany.

The national pageant was one of the best moments of my life because for me this is a dream. I had a unique experience as I was a first runner up and when I heard my name as first runner-up, I was more than happy to stand out among 24 candidates from other provinces. Then one month later, when from the national organization notified me that they had dethroned Federica Ferro, I could not believe it! I thought I was in a dream because I had always wanted to represented Spain in one of the most important beauty contests in the world. Here I am now, getting ready to fulfill my dream.


How do you see yourself 10 years from now?


I think I will be working like as an elementary school teacher outside Spain and combining it with another job in the world of fashion as a model. I see myself as a very happy woman.


What is favorite book and why?


“Casi sin querer” (Almost without want) by Defreds Jose A. Gomez Iglesias. Love, sometimes as complicated and as unpredictable but in the end what we value most are the simplest details, the most beautiful, those who arrive without warning. I like the way  the author sees the moments of life.



Other than the Miss International pageant, what specific activity to you want to enjoy in Japan and why?


I would like to visit the Sensoji Temple, because I’ve heard a lot of that temple as one of the most important. Also the Tokyo Tower because I was reading that is one of the landmarks of the city and also the Shibuya crossing with diagonal crosswalk. It would be amazing to be there and experience the culture of Tokyo.


Finally a message to all of your fans at Missosology.


Thank you very much for all your support in every way. I will go to Tokyo raring for the competition but I will always enjoy every moment. I will bring the crown of Miss International with me to Spain! A huge kiss to all!


Special thanks to Julia Cesar Battaglia. Best of luck to Anabel from Missosology!