Exclusive interview with Miss International Indonesia 2014 Elfin Rappa.

Special thanks to Mega Angkasa for facilitating the interview.


1. Please tell us about yourself, your family and your ambition in life.

I am the eldest child and I have a younger sister named Erina. Though we share the same blood, we are so different in personality. My sister is a very shy and introvert person unlike me as I am an active and energetic type of woman. My mom is an unquestionably strong single parent. She is my sanctuary in every condition. I always named my family as “Powerpuff Girls” because the three of us describe that cartoon better – three super power girls but literally sweet and warm.

My biggest ambition now is to bring the first crown of Miss International 2014 to my country, Indonesia. Then I want to keep growing my potentials including my ability to make a better change to the world.


2.When did you start thinking about becoming a beauty queen?

Since I was a kid, literally. To be a beauty queen is such an honor that I can speak and act loudly to make a better change.


3. Why do you think you should be the next Miss International?

I do believe that I will give my best to be someone that deserves that crown. Besides, I also have a mission within me to spread the love, peace and excitement to the world.


4. If you are going to choose, what kind of National Costume would you like to wear at the Miss International pageant?

Something relates to Indonesian fabrics. Just wait and see 🙂


5. What particularly do you want to see in Tokyo during the pageant and why?


Particularly, I want to see and feel Japan’s warmth through its people and culture.


6. What is your favorite dish and why?

Tekwan! A traditional fish ball soup with veggies from my hometown made by my mom. Basically, my mom’s dishes are my favorite ones!


7. Tell us something about your hometown.

My hometown, South Sumatera, is a part of Sumatera Island, Indonesia. Its capital is Palembang City. South Sumatera has a landmark bridge named Ampera. The bridge cross among Musi River, the longest river in Sumatera. It is almost 750 kilometers long and split the land into two big sides. My hometown is also popular for its culture and foods. Pempek and Tekwan are some examples of the famous South Sumatera foods. On the other side, South Sumatera is also well known about its beautiful woman. As a conclusion, my hometown is a definitely ‘have-to-visit’ place.


8. Indonesia is largely a Muslim country but why is it that beauty pageants continue to thrive?

Indonesia is well known as a Muslim country, but in fact, we lived in a plural society. Nowadays, our people are already open minded and modern. We look at beauty pageants as a good thing, especially in making changes and spreading love and peace.


9. How do you keep your sexy figure and what beauty tips would you like to share?

For me, beauty comes inside and outside. To keep the beauty within your body, always start the day with mineral water and of course daily dose of prayer to balance your mind and soul. I always drink Indonesian Jamu to keep my body healthy and fresh. To maintain outside look, I always use natural base cosmetics from Mustika Ratu.


10.Finally, a video message for all of your fans at missosology.




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