Alyssa Rose is Miss Bermuda 2015


mw15bermudaAlyssa Rose, a 22 year old beauty representing the parish of Smith’s, won the Miss Bermuda 2015 and the right to represent the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda at the Miss World pageant. This year, the international finals will be held in Sanya, China this December.

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is an isolated British outpost that boast fine beaches and its own currency. It has a population of about 65, 000. Only six contestants participated in this years pageant. But no matter how relatively small Bermuda is, it can be proud of the fact that it has already won the Miss World crown. Gina Swainson won in 1979, a feat that it is yet to be repeated by any Bermudan beauty to date.


  1. Most of the people of Bermuda are Black,,not good to have a white winner, the other 2 girls were equally beautiful.

    • Bermuda is a melting pot of races, cultures and nationalities. We have Portuguese, Filapino, White, West and East Indian and of course Black. The girls who enter are generally a mix of these races but no matter what hue their skin happens to be physically they are still %100 BERMUDIAN. Please educate yourself before you comment.

      • The winner is ALL PURE WHITE. She has no mixture.
        From your picture, you are Black with some mixture.
        They are very few pure whites living in Bermuda, so you need to look around you and educate yourself.

        • You missed my point completely. It doesn’t matter what race she happens to be because she is a Bermudian woman born and raised and thus excellent representation of the people here. We as Bermudians accept all races and are obviously not as “color struck” as some people…….