When Missosology posed the question on when will Greenland come back at Miss Universe, a Greenlander internet news portal immediately picked it up. The opinion piece  is definitely an eye opener and a few discussed it a bit. But when Sermitsiaq.ag posed the questions to the Greenlanders in both Danish and Greenlandic, the answer is a bit surprising. One might think that the people living in a largely frozen country might be too preoccupied in getting warm to just even think about beauty pageants.



The question posed by the Greenlandic internet portal and its rough translation in English

But with the struggle to become an independent nation, Greenlanders want to join the international community too. The survey of Semitsiaq.ag generated a 63.46% positive response saying they would like to win the Miss Universe crown too! Meanwhile 25.29% thinks its better to get a cup of coffee and think about life’s other big questions and 11% think they should keep their beauties among themselves. This is an astounding response of a nation that is not really associated with beauty pageants. This is a wake up call to the Miss Universe Organization to reach out someone in Greenland and study carefully the possibility of having Miss Greenland at Miss Universe. After all, the more, the merrier!



The Greenlandic internet portal Sermitsiaq mention the article of Missosology including the special video created for Greenland