Graphics by Krizza Enriquez [@kxxenriquez]

Written by R. Galvez [you @the4ofustraveling]

Just over 24 hours after we published our 2nd Hot Picks, we are concluding our quest in understanding the dynamics of the 71st Miss World pageant. The recently published format was used and it is very apparent that Miss Czech Republic Krystyna Pyszková is the heavy favorite. It may seem counterintuitive to predict a European back-to-back victory but remember, this is a pageant that started with European back-to-back winners. Krystyna has all the qualities that a Miss World should have. Her beauty is undeniable and she is just perfect for the blue crown.

Miss Botswana Lesego Chombo occupies the runner-up position in this list but she is actually tied with Krystyna based on the scores given by our beauty analysts. She is a sweet beauty and we should keep an eye on her tonight because insiders claim she is a top favorite of Julia Morley. She will indeed make history if she will be crowned Miss World.

Miss Turkey Nursena Say is also a top favorite. She is consistent and she is oozing with ethereal beauty. She is in a good position to snatch Turkey’s second Miss World crown.

Meanwhile, Miss Trinidad and Tobago Aché Abrahams is tagged by several beauty analysts as the “one”. If you will meet her in person, you’ll understand why. She is just stunning! She is also a finalists in various challenges such as Head to Head, Talent and Beauty with a Purpose.

Personally, I would say watch out for Miss Lebanon Yamina Zaytoun or Miss India Sini Shetty. They could surprise the frontrunners and I would say they are truly deserving of the crown.

Here’s the complete list of our 71st Miss World Final Hot Picks:

Winner – Miss Czech Republic Krystyna Pyszková

1st Runner-Up- Miss Botswana Lesego Chombo

3. Miss Turkey Nursena Say

4. Miss Trinidad and Tobago Aché Abrahams

5. Miss Martinique Axelle René

6. Miss Lebanon Yamina Zaytoun

7. Miss India Sini Shetty

8. Miss England Jessica Gagen

9. Miss Philippines Gwendolyne Fourniol

10. Miss Spain Paula Pérez

11. Miss Slovakia Sophia Hrivňáková

12. Miss United States Victoria DiSorbo

13. Miss Nigeria Ada Eme

14. Miss Brazil Leticía Frota

15. Miss Peru Lucía Arellano

16. Miss Indonesia Audrey Vanessa Susilo

17. Miss Puerto Rico Elena Rivera

18. Miss Belgium Kedist Deltour

19. Miss Zimbabwe Nokutenda Marumbwa

20. Miss Tunisia Imen Mehrzi

21. Miss Colombia Camila Pinzón

22. Miss Nepal Priyanka Rani Joshi

23. Miss Ukraine Sofia Shamia

24. Miss Thailand Tharina Botes

25. Miss Poland Krystyna Sokołowska