Graphics by Krizza Enriquez (@kxxenriquez)

Written by R. Galvez (@the4ofustraveling)

The 71st Miss World is taking shape in a rather confusing way that most of us are unable to pinpoint as to who is really leading the pack. This is foreboding and we will end up surprised on who will walk away with crown. The format has changed and one can wonder how they came up with this. I can only imagine the debate being held closed door on how to go forward with a selection process that would satisfy all parties concerned.

So far, here are the confirmed Top 40 who all advanced via the fast track routes of challenges:

England – Jessica Gagen (Head to Head Challenge)

Nigeria – Ada Eme (Head to Head Challenge)

Zimbabwe – Nokutenda Marumbwa (Head to Head Challenge)

Botswana – Lesego Chombo (Head to Head Challenge)

Lebanon – Yasmina Zaytoun (Head to Head Challenge)

Croatia – Lucija Begić (Sports Challenge)

Martinique – Axelle René (Top Model Challenge)

Tunisia – Imen Mehrzi (Talent Challenge)

Then, there’s the Top 10 who made it to the Beauty with a Purpose Challenge but there is no confirmation on who among them will make it to the Top 40. Winning in any of the challenges does not mean that you are a frontrunner. For example, the current titleholder, Karolina Bielawska, didn’t win in any of these challenges back in 2021!

Again and again, we are reminded how difficult it is to predict Miss World. However, we are giving you all a preview of our final Hot Picks. We asked again our seasoned pageant experts on what can they read on their tea leaves. Here is the result:

1. Czech Republic – Krystyna Pyszková

2. Martinique – Axelle René

3. Turkey – Nursena Say

4. Trinidad and Tobago – Aché Abrahams

5. Botswana – Lesego Chombo

6. Lebanon – Yazmina Zaytoun

7. India – Sini Shetty

8. Brazil – Letecia Frota

9. Philippines – Gwendolyne Fourniol

10. Ukraine – Sofia Shamia

11. Indonesia – Audrey Vanessa Susilo

12. Nigeria – Ada Eme

13. Peru – Lucia Arellano

14. Zimbabwe – Nokutenda Marumbwa

15. Belgium – Kedist Deltour

16. England – Jessica Gagen

17. Nepal – Priyanka Rani Joshi

18. Slovakia – Sophia Hrivňáková

19. Puerto Rico – Elena Rivera

20. Tunisia – Imen Mehrzi