The 69th Miss Universe is just around the corner, with reports that the organization has already informed national directors of a May 2021 staging of the “most beautiful day in the Universe”.

More candidates have been confirmed since we released our First Hot Picks last December. And narrowing the field to just 20 ladies has become even tougher. With all the trainings, transformations, interviews and photoshoots and charity events all happening amid the pandemic, our Second leaderboard has seen a major shake-up!

Now up five places and leading out Second Hot Picks is the talk-of-the-town over the past week, the lovely Rabiya Mateo of the Philippines. Filipino pageant fans have been clamoring to see more of Rabiya over the past weeks. After her Missosology Beauty Talks interview went viral, Rabiya and her team has also been busy with her trainings and preparations for the competition. She is being trained by a team whose achievements speak for themselves, so we can be assured of improvement in her catwalk and stage presence.

Never mind the negativities that surrounded the 24-year-old beauty over the past week. Her Beauty Talks is proof that Rabiya is genuine and has a great rapport with anyone she talks to. She has proven that she is quick-witted, communicates well, and has a solid stand on social issues – one that the Miss Universe competition is looking for in a winner over the past couple of years. To put it bluntly, she could be the next Miss Universe!

Not far behind, and still in second place is Andrea Meza of Mexico. The 26-year-old pageant veteran has been recently showcasing her improvement in communication skills, talking actively about her advocacy against street harassment. She’s intelligent, full of class and her beauty won the hearts of many. She also continues to wow pageant enthusiasts worldwide with her beauty and body.

Still in third place is Romania’s Bianca Tirsin who has been travelling across Europe for her duties and projects but at the same time not wasting any time preparing for the competition. With her angelic beauty, good communication skills, and overall lovely personality, it will be easy for Bianca to penetrate the Miss Universe semis.

A new entry in our Top 5 is the beautiful Natasha Joubert of South Africa, who zoomed to top of many leaderboards after her confirmation as the Rainbow Nation’s Miss Universe delegate. Her beauty exudes wholesomeness and heavenly touch that is just too hard to ignore. Aside from that she has the gift of gab just like her predecessors. She’s got that much-needed charisma and it is very evident that she is well trained.

Rounding up the Top 5 for now is pageant veteran Janick Maceta of Peru. Another lady to watch out for, Janick has improved a lot since her Miss Supranational 2019 stint. Janick also exudes more sweetness which couldchange the course for Peru in the IMG-era Miss Universe. She could surprise us all!

Check out the full list below:

1 Philippines, Rabiya Mateo
2 Mexico, Andrea Meza
3 Romania, Bianca Tirsin
4 South Africa, Natasha Joubert
5 Peru, Janick Maceta

6 Brazil, Júlia Gama
7 Bolivia, Lenka Nemer
8 Australia, Maria Thattil
9 Czech Republic, Klára Vavrušková
10 Cambodia, Sarita Reth

11 Thailand, Amanda Obdam
12 Puerto Rico, Estefanía Soto
13 Canada, Nova Stevens
14 India, Adline Castelino
15 Finland, Viivi Altonen

16 Chile, Daniela Nicolás
17 Spain, Andrea Martínez
18 Jamaica, Miqueal-Symone Williams
19 Myanmar, Thuzar Wint Lwin
20 Venezuela, Mariángel Villasmil

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