64th Miss Universe in Bogota?


There are so many rumors out there as to when and where will be the next Miss Universe. Just now, some developments has surfaced as a radio station in Colombia claimed that the next Miss Universe will be in January 15, 2016 in Colombia. CLICK HERE TO READ [In Spanish]

Missosology cannot determine the veracity of the report. The Miss Universe Organization has not issued any official statement as of the press time.



  1. Without doubt, it would be a great opportunity for Colombia to host it, given the international coverage of the pageant and the focus given to the host country. It’ll also be good for MU to leave the States and confirm its status of a truly global pageant (unless other regional wanna-be pageants, tks tks!:)
    Having said that, not sure if Colombia will be willing to invest the amount of money MUO will demand for the pageant to be held there. You can still hear Brazilian complains when the competition was held in Sao Paulo last.
    Let’s wait and see. Still very early days, but good to see Paulina promoting her home country to the world..

  2. If the next Miss Universe will be in 2016, then it will go down the Miss Universe history that it had no Miss Universe 2014 winner! MUO can’t always used 63rd, 64th, 65th winner as we’re used to always refer to the year the winner won! So, I must say it has to stage its 64th edition in 2015 to save 2014!

  3. Nothing more than a rumor. Colombia does not have the moolah that Trump demands from wannabe hosts of his pageant. Unless the drug cartels will shoulder the costs.

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