If you have seen the costume of Rihanna recently at the Met Awards and you are just wondering on who could possibly have designed such a jaw dropping gown, think of Miss Universe. That’s because the designer of this haute couture is no less than Guo Pei – a name that is already making waves in the world of fashion and pageantry. Not since Luis Fernandez – the designer of the gargantuan costume of Pamela Zarza in 1992 – have we seen a designer of national costumes at Miss Universe that garnered a lot of attention.

Guo Pei, a Beijing based designer, entered the pageantry scene with a bang in 2011 after crafting a red Chinese Opera inspired costume for Zilin Luo.



Guo Pei’s Chinese Opera inspired national costume for Zilin Luo in 2011







Xu Jidan became the first ever Chinese representative to have won the Best in National Costume Award. She prevailed over 90 other contestants in Las Vegas during the Miss Universe 2012 National Costume contest. This is the highest achievement that the designer Guo Pei has ever received in the world of pageantry and the designer will indeed etch forever in the world of beauty pageants for such an amazing feat.






The “Standing Dragon” is the title of the costume worn by Miss Universe China 2013 Jin Ye. The costume required more than 5,000 hours of hand embroidery and represents the height of Chinese designer Guo Pei’s work. A tribute to the legendary symbol of power, strength and good luck (for those who are worthy of it), the Standing Dragon pairs two dragons inspired by the roof ridges of imperial Chinese architecture.


Guo Pei is indeed the Queen of Haute Couture in the world of pageantry!

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