Tonight, the new Miss Universe Thailand will be crowned and there are 40 contestants vying for the title. Pageant analysts however have narrowed the competition to only three fabulous girls which is believed to have the best chances of winning. It’s a winner takes it all system now since the Miss International Thailand will have a separate pageant unlike in previous years where the runner-up goes to Miss International.

While it seems relatively easy to pick these three girls from the crowd, a word of warning – Miss Universe Thailand can sometimes take a less travelled road. The previous editions of the pageant had selected questionable winners, just like the immediate precedent of this year’s competition. So while the analysts would love to see any of these girls being crowned, an upset and a whole lot of spoilers could be just lurking around the corner.

Here are the 3 girls that the analysts are now eyeing their bets.

No. 9 ปาริชาติ บุญยืนปอปลา
Contestant No. 9 Parichat Bunyuen

thart2cShe’s a stand-out in a group and she has a modeling career that boosted her confidence in the pageant. Parichat is a 23 year old Bangkok native who stands 5’8″ tall. She is the darling of the crowd for her fair skin and charming looks. Above all else, she know how to handle herself onstage, again, thanks to her modeling experience.



Parichat will be a great representative of Thailand at Miss Universe and she has been consistently predicted by experts that she will indeed prevail tonight.




No. 2 ชาวิกา วัตรสังข์
Contestant No. 2 Chavika Watrsang


Height is might they say and Chavika used that to her advantage. Chavika hails from Phuket and she is a tall 5’11” lady enabling her to really stand-out from the crowd. She has been compared to the past winners of Miss Universe Thailand and watchers are even saying she looks far more beautiful. She is also the favorite of the people within the MUT organization.

thart2b thart2a




No. 37 อนิพรณ์ เฉลิมบู

Contestant No. 37 Aniporn Chalermburanawong


Aniporn is a 21 year old, 5’9″ tall beauty from the northern province of Lampang. She is one of the candidates that has a solid fan base and she is also the recipient of the Best Smile Award during the preliminaries. Her demure attitude and oriental looks is a big hit among the observers of Thai pageantry. She is also an accomplished model and it is of no wonder why she she is at ease onstage. She is truly a formidable opponent in this year’s competition.