Yuika Tsutsumi is Miss United Continents Japan 2017


For the third straight year, Japan will be represented in one of the fastest growing beauty pageants in the world.  Yuika Tsutsumi (27) will fly next month to Ecuador for the 2017 edition of Miss United Continents.   This bank employee is a also a competitive swimmer.  In fact, she used to hold a national record in Japan.  Although she did not pursue a professional career in swimming, she managed to enter into the very difficult world of Japanese financial sector.
Yuika Tsutsumi is a competitive swimmer and a banker.
The newly appointed queen is no stranger to pageantry.  She was Miss Supranational Nishi Tokyo 2017 and landed in the Top 10 of the prestigious pageant.
“It is quite hard to compete in a pageant in Japan while having a permanent job,” she said during an interview with Missosology.  “I used to be an athlete and I am very passionate with sports.  Now, I am still active in swimming but not professionally.  I represent my company in amateur competitions while working 9 to 5 in the banking sector,” she added.
Yuika’s main advocacy is to promote active and healthy lifestyle through sports.  According to her, pageantry became an extension of her competitive spirit.  With a crown and a title, she said that she would be able to have a voice and influence especially to the younger generation.  Just like her two predecessors, Anri Okane and Emiri Shimizu, Yuika will be represented by Qanamy Workshop as her national director.  Qanamy is also responsible for the victory of Yuri Uchida in the 2015 Reinado Internacional del Cafe in Manizales, Colombia.
“I was very excited when the news came that I could represent my country in Miss United Continents!  At first, I was worried that my boss would not allow me to compete due to such a short notice.  Surprisingly, he was happy to hear that I would be going to Ecuador and even wished me the best of luck,” Yuika shared to us with a smile.
Miss United Continents will be held on September 23rd in the exciting city of Guayaquil, the economic center of Ecuador.  Jeslyn Santos of the Philippines will turn over the crown during the coronation night.  More than 30 participants are expected to compete in what is expected to be the largest international pageant event to happen in the South American nation since Miss Universe 2004.