With Karlie Hay, Texas shows dominance in the American pageantry scene


Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay may be fending off criticisms after it was found out that she tweeted the n-word years ago, but her victory cemented Texas as the dominant state in the world of American pageantry. There is actually an ongoing petition to dethrone Karlie and this highlights the need for people to be careful in posting something on social media. What you posted years ago can simply resurface if someone is hell-bent to dig it out.


Karlie defended herself, and rightly so, that such post does not necessary mean that she is racist as some people would like to insinuate. Kids say the stupidest things at times. Any calls for Karlie to give up her crown is just totally unfair.


Now back to the fact that Texas has shown once again that it is a dominant state in the American pageantry. Texas won the Miss USA crown 9 times including a 5-year winning streak from 1985-1989! At Miss Teen USA, Oregon took the lead since 2003 with three winners but now Texas has caught up with victories this year, in 2011 and 1996!


Not only the geographical size became the advantage of Texas but also because of its diversity. Texas was once part of Mexico and then later became an independent nation which makes its history and to some extent its demographics pretty much unique. The state has experienced a steady migration lately from other states making the diversity even richer. Texas is also vastly conservative socially which our analysis shows helps pageants thrive.


Karlie Hay’s Miss Teen USA victory indeed put Texas once again at the top. There is little argument that the Texas sash carries a lot of weight. And while Karlie’s Miss USA counterpart unfortunately clapped, Texas will make a comeback. It wouldn’t take a decade perhaps for another Texan to win a national title and dominate the American pageantry scene yet again.