Vanessa Tevi is Miss Universe Malaysia 2015




vanessa24-year-old Vanessa Tevi, who is of Chinese and Indian descent, was crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2015, beating 16 other finalists in a dazzling show held at the grand ballroom of the posh Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.  Along with the title, she took home RM50,000 in cash as well as gifts from sponsors worth more than RM180,000.

1st Runner-up was Pauline Tan, while the 2nd and 3rd Runners-up were Kelly Jagan and Sugeeta Chadran, respectively.

Tevi will represent Malaysia in the 64th Annual Miss Universe pageant, to be held later this year.

Following her graduation from Britain, Tevi interned for a year in the United States, and recently started work at a hotel in Singapore. A former synchronized swimmer in school, Vanessa is a thrill-seeker who enjoys activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, hiking and jumping off cliffs.




Photos were from the official Miss Universe Malaysia Facebook page.


  1. Beautiful winner from Malaysia. Malaysia has a great chance of winning MU 2015 and also great competition from Philippines Pia who is drop dead gorgeous

    • With your fellow turd Trump calling the shots, what can we expect but another predictable MU outcome. MW chooses a more deserving winner. That being said, Vanessa is a deserving representative of truly Asia Malaysia.

      • i agree with you that trump is a piece of shit…makes me wonder why send a rep to participate in pageant that we already know the outcome? like i said, asian reps this year are not that “powerful” compare to the latinas…perhaps asian will make it to top 16 but not getting the crown…

  2. Honestly she is not beautiful at all… I think Indonesia is much more beautiful than her… Thanks to Carey for destroying Andrea’s legacy… Even I’m from Malaysia… I prefer Indonesia and Phillipines this year… As a Malaysian, i was completely devastated when heard that Vanessa won… She is not even on the list.. Kelly is much more deserve to earn the crown… But Pia will win it anyway…

    • Kelly? Come on, she can’t even carry herself well. Do you want the world to hear her say “oh shit” ?