UPDATES :: Let’s follow Jamie Herrell


Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell is yet to officially travel abroad but after she was honored in both the upper and lower chambers of the Philippine legislature, she is touring her home nation doing a lot of environmental advocacy. Here are some of the highlights.

January 12 – Tree planting activities in the central city of Lapu-lapu



January 18 – Special appearance during a carnival celebration in her native city of Cebu




January 23 – Graced the event hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry and corporate giant Unilever



January 28 – Her beauty hits the newsstands as the cover girl of Sun Star Weekend Magazine




  1. This pageant has no international appeal. I won’t be surprised if she spends her entire reign in the Philippines.

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      • True that the Philippines is not the best country to look out for as the greatest model in caring for ailing Mother Earth, but so are the rest of the world at different levels. The Philippines has its fair share of ‘sins’ against this precious blue planet, probably a little more than the third of the rest the world, but it shares the common guilt of every single nation. This archipelago, placed strategically by God in the heart of Asia, would probably be one of, if not, the least likely country to be considered worthy of the call in hosting a major pageant with a major advocacy of taking care of the planet. If not the Philippines, who? Japan, Singapore & Netherlands have been voted the cleanest before, so, are they more worthy of owning & hosting Miss Earth? Can ‘the most cleanest’ be Mother Earth’s best ambassador in calling awareness of her troubled condition? The answer lies in the question itself. The Philippines may not be considered the cleanest in the world, but there’s a perfect reason why Mother Earth chose her for her cause. It’s a place where hope springs forth amidst a turmoil awaiting attention & where that much-needed attention is not left wanting but sincerely attended to with a willing desire to learn & to help. Yes, the Philippines is a working progress, and to Mother Earth, that’s good enough.

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