Understanding the Miss International Forum


Understanding the Miss International Forum

by Stephen I. Diaz

1 Miss International 2013 Forum

One of the traditional events of the Miss International Beauty Pageant is the Miss International Forum. For outsiders, the MI Forum is covered with a cloud of mystery because it was never opened to the public and no one understood what it’s all about. However, during the 53rd annual pageant held last year, Missosology had the privilege to take part in the important event, which was organized partly by the Miss Paris School branch in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Miss Paris owner, Akemi Shimomura, is the chairperson of the International Cultural Association, the owner of the Miss International Organization.

This year, the Miss International Forum will be held at the Showa Women’s University on November 3rd. University President Mariko S. Bando was a judge at the Miss International 2013 Beauty Pageant, where Bea Rose Santiago of the Philippines was declared as the winner. There is no confirmation, however, if she is going to sit as one of the judges this year.

So, what is the Miss International Forum?

Simply put, it is the “preliminary interview competition” of Miss International. Although it is not being conducted in the same way that the other BIG 4 Pageants do, the MI Forum has its own unique features:

  1. The girls are given a minute to deliver a prepared speech;
  2. They can choose from one of the topics assigned to them;
  3. They must deliver it in English;
  4. The speech can be memorized or not;
  5. She will deliver it in front of everyone.


So, unlike the format in Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss World, where the delegates are being asked random questions about themselves in a closed-door environment, the MI Forum is rather more open. All the other delegates are able to hear what the fellow candidates are saying, and from there, they can start gauging who among them have a strong shot of winning the crown.


What should the delegates do in order to make an impact in this category?

  1. They are advised to dress up in a respectable and dignified way;
  2. They must speak from the heart, and believe in what they say;
  3. They are expected to listen what the others are trying to convey.


The third point is very important because in Japan, the listening skill is highly regarded more than speaking skills. So, when one is speaking, the others are expected to listen attentively. That is why in most Japanese speeches, it normally ends with a quote “Thank you for listening.” It simply means that your speech is just as good as how you listen to others.

So, is the Miss International Forum still a mystery?

Watch out for our exclusive coverage of the MI Forum on November 3rd.



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