Let’s be clear: the pageant year 2021 is yet to end. We are still awaiting the fabulous gowns from Miss World 2021 so as to make this list credible and complete. But we are excited. So, we are listing our preliminary list in here covering the evening gowns from Miss Supranational 2021, Miss Earth 2021 and Miss Universe 2021 pageants.

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Text by R. Galvez (@the4ofustraveling)

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No. 10 Miss Earth USA 2021 Marisa Butler – This ocean inspired gown complimented by Polynesian design is truly Miss Earth worthy. The symbolism, the relevance and the colors all intertwined in a sexy – yet tasteful – cut.
No. 9 Miss Earth Chile 2021 Romina Denecken – This ruby encrusted gown with silver accent is just stunning. It embraces the figure of Romina and it exudes elegance and sophistication.
No. 8 Miss Supranational Venezuela Valentina Sanchez – With silver, gold and copper elements, this rather busy and intricate piece allowed Valentina’s beauty to shine. Designed by Giannina Azar, this gown is just mesmerizing up close!
No 7 Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez – High slit is for sexiness and gold color for sophistication. This is the genius of this piece created by Francis Libiran. The geometric pattern formed through meticulous beading echoes the indigenous fabrics of the Philippines. Simply brilliant!
No 6 Miss Universe South Africa 2021 Lalela Mswane – This golden gown was created by Dubai-based designer Ezra Santos and whether it’s pure coincidence or deliberate, this gown reflects the personality of Lalela. It has subtle African influences and it worked like magic onstage.
No. 5 Miss Supranational Puerto Rico 2021 Karla Acevedo – Designer Angel Guzman is clever indeed for choosing the light aquamarine color for an otherwise visually heavy gown. The geometric patterns provide the dazzling impact. Sexy yet cosmopolitan.
No. 4 Miss Universe Colombia 2021 Valeria Ayos – Stunning is the best word to describe Valeria while wearing this Alfedo Barraza gown. It fits Valeria well showing off her lithe figure for the audience to admire.
No. 3 Miss Universe Paraguay 2021 Nadia Ferreira – The painstaking effort to assemble the shades of green – from moss to aquamarine to mint – was carried out by the talented designer Ilse Jara. The flowing design with pleats is her signature artwork under the guiding principle of wearable art.
No. 2 Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu of India – Gowns that incorporate the personality of a contestant is truly admirable. When Saisha Shinde designed this gown, she took note the Punjabi origins of Harnaaz. Saisha then took inspiration from the traditional Punjab fabric called phulkari which resulted into an elegant, sophisticated and sensational piece of art.
No. 1 Miss Supranational 2021 Chanique Rabe of Namibia – You might be wondering why this gown has a soft yet sophisticated feel. Well, that’s because the designer happens to be a master of bridal couture. In this white ensemble, Cape Town fashion genius Stephen Van Eeden successfully merged the things he does best and those elements that a beauty pageant seeks. The gown is not flashy but it has left an inedible impression on the stage for its chic and clean character.